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No. Narcissists have a lot of faults, but other than being controlling and feeling superior than their peers they are no more apt to have a fetish then anyone else.

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Q: Is fetishism involving women's underwear common among narcissists?
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Is sexual dysfunction common in narcissists?

Everything about Narcissists is to one extreme or the other. So yes. It is common.

Is it common for narcissists to just shut people out of their lives?

Yes - very common. yes

What is the most common profession of narcissists?

In general it is agreed that the most common careers for narcissists are those that grant automatic respect such as doctors, pastors, teachers/professors, or the military. There are plenty of other jobs that narcissists might gravitate towards, but these are a few of the most common. "Malignant Self Love" by Dr. Sam Vaknin

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Is yeast infection common in teenagers?

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Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder common among Narcissists?

AnswerThe two disorders are sometimes co-morbid (they can appear together).

What is it called when you ask someone to do something and then they do the opposite?

Passive-aggressive or gaslighting (common in Narcissists or other toxic)

Do you take off your underwear and bra when you are in love or leave them on?

Either way is common.

Is it common to Narcissists to commit suicide?

Narcissism and depression are unrelated. It is my belief that narcissists are prone to depression particularly when narcissistic supply has left. They may even have suicidal thoughts but rarely act on them. Good lord! How would the world survive without them!

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