Is fingering sex?

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It is part of "sex", so yes.

2009-11-24 21:24:19
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Q: Is fingering sex?
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Is fingering considered sex?

It depends on the people and the relationship. If the people are less experienced, fingering would be considered a form of sex. If the people are more experienced, fingering would probably not be considered sex.

What hurts more sex or fingering?

definitely sex,

Which feels better sex or fingering?

Sex! By far! Absolutely

Does fingering a girl make sex less enjoyable?

your art of fingering can give pleasure.

What are ways to make first time sex not hurt?


Can you be disvirgened by fingering?

Technically no you have not had sex but you could pop your hymen

How do you prepare before sex?

I like an enema as far as foreplay and her fingering me.

Is fingering like sex?

Fingering is a form of sexual foreplay where a finger is inserted into the vagina and moved in a motion similar to that of the penis during intercourse.

Is foreplay and fingering while being naked considered sex?

yes it is considered sex because it calms the mood

How do you make your girl have an orgasim?

Sex, fingering, really anything to do with touching her privates

How can you have lesbian sex if you are a lesbian?

fingering, oral, sex toys, or scissoring

Will fingering affect your pregnancy?

No, manual (or even vaginal) sex shouldn't have any impact on pregnancy.

Can you lose your virginity from fingering your vagina?

no. virginity is lost to penetrative sex form a penis into a vagina.

How can you convince your wife sex is not nasty?

show her some moves, e.g. stripping, oral, fingering...

Is fingering haram in Islam?

yes, fingering is haram (not allowed) in Islam except if being practiced between husband and wife who are licitly married as oral sex. refer to question below.

What are the different levels of interpersonal relationship?

Date then touching penuis fingering sexy talk then sex then partners

How do you tell your boyfriend you like him fingering you more than sex?

just tell him the way you wish to tell him

Does sex always hurt the first time?

Not ALWAYS. It depends on if your hymen is broke or not. Which can happen by sports, tampons, or by fingering yourself. Mine broke by tampons, and fingering. So, the first time I had sex, it didn't hurt AT ALL. I was kinda sore the next day though. Not bad though.

Where is a good spot rub with your fingers when fingering your girlfriend?

Fingering is the first experience of boys and girls for checking their sexuality. Teenage boys want to know about fingering a girl. Fingering for some girls is more innocent process (but with the same pleasure). Fingering is a useful technique to find out what she likes in sex and know about her sexually sensitive spots. If you are trying to finger her for the first time, you have more chances to get everything you want if you're really self-confident and charismatic person. Discover fingering technique in recommended related link below.

If you use two fingers to finger a girl will she still be virgin?

Yes ... "fingering" a girl is not the same as having sex.

Can you die by fingering your self too much?

Ha, No way ! Its Called 'safe sex' For a reason :L xx

How do you get your girl wet and keep her wet?

give her oral sex like fingering her or going down on her that should work :)

Do you get pregnant if the penis goes inside your butt?

Only if the semen gets into your vagina by dripping, fingering, or unprotected sex.

Whats the kissing stages?

BASES: 1st: kissing 2nd: touching/feeling 3rd: fingering home: sex

Girls fingering themselves?

We actually dont like fingures in the vagina. We prefer to play with the clit or have a sex toy