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Is fish an arthropod?

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Arthropods have an exoskeleton and segmented bodies, they include ocean and land creatures.

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Related Questions

Is a seahorse an arthropod?

No, a sea-horse is a fish.

Is a centipede a reptile fish mammal or bird?

None of the above. It's an arthropod.

Is a giraffe a mammal bird reptile amphibian fish or arthropod?

A giraffe is a mammal.

Is a turtle an arthropod?

No they are not an arthropod.

Is a horseshoe crab a fish?

Horseshoe crabs are not a fish, it is a marine arthropod. The horseshoe crab is more closely related to spiders, ticks, and scorpions than to crabs.

Is a ladybird a arthropod?

yes it is an arthropod

What is arthropod vectors?

Vectors of the arthropod.

Is a crown of thorns starfish a reptile or a fish?

neither....its a Echinoderm...under the arthropod group..found in the animal kingdom.

Why is a lobster an arthropod?

A lobster is an arthropod. (An arthropod is an animal that has three body parts joined.

What makes an arthropod an arthropod?

Their jointed feet.

Is a beetle an arthropod?

yes a beetle is an arthropod

Is an octopus an arthropod?

An octopus is a Mollusk not a arthropod

Is a lobster an arthropod?

yes a lobster is an arthropod

Is a crab a mollusks or a arthropod?

A crab is an arthropod.

Is a starfish an arthropod?

no a starfish isn't an arthropod

Which arthropod has no antenna?

The Blowjob arthropod family

Which is more complex arthropod or annelida?


Is a lion an arthropod?

No an arthropod is an invertebrate with external skeleton.

Is a tick an arthropod?

Yes, a tick is an arthropod and an arachnid.

Which of these has an exoskeleton arthropod worm vertebrate cnidarian?

An arthropod

Is a cnidarian an arthropod?

No an Arthropod is most certainly not a Cnidarian.

Is a crayfish a worm mollusc sponge or a arthropod?


What arthropod has radial symmetry?

A butterfly is an arthropod that have a symmetrical side.

Is a moth considered an arthropod?

Yes, a moth is considered to be an arthropod.

Is a black widow spider a arthropod?

Yes, it is in the arthropod family.