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Is flaring good for the Betta?

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== == Flaring is healthy for your betta, not only mentally but as well as physically (exercise) which can increase their immune system. However, too much flaring is unhealthy as it stresses him out (flaring is a sign of your betta trying to intimidate its rival) and may lead to torn fins. So I recommend maybe a few times a week for no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Whenever I put a mirror up to my Betas bowl and let him do his thing he always seemed to be in a good mood afterward so I'll say yes. Just do it every so often, not all the time.

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What does it mean when the male betta fish pops out its gills?

he is flaring

Why would a male betta try to scare a female betta?

Either he is flaring to show off to the female, or he doesn't see the female as a good mate and is trying to chase her away.

How can you breed your betta when they keep on flaring at each other?

they are supposed too.

What is betta flaring?

Flaring is when a Betta fully opens their gill covers and membrane (beard) under their chin to make themselves look bigger. They also spread their fins as wide as possible to maximise their size. The flaring display is used to scare off opponents and to impress the opposite sex.

Why is your betta fish flaring at you?

He is probably just showing off at you and protecting his territory. It's the normal behavior of a happy betta.

How do betta fish portect there self with there body?

they flare here is a pic of a betta flaring makes them look bigger (and scarier) and they do bite

Why is your male betta fish flaring up around the female betta fish?

A male betta fish will flare to show off his brightly colored fins to a female. This can cause her to have an interest in him.

Can you have Bluefin Notho Killifish and Betta togehter?

Sadly no . If male the Betta will start flaring at the Killie (since the are generally not an aggressive fish)will most likely cower in the corner while his fins will be nipped at.

My betta wont stop flaring and i don't want to stress him out?

He's fine if I'm right, he's just flaring at his own reflection. Is your Betta a bright color? Is your tank wall REALLY, REALLY clean? My white Veiltail Betta Splenden did the same thing for the first few days i had him. he'll stop soon ;)

How do male fish attracts female fish?

Male Betta fish will attract a female by flaring and showing off their long flowing fins.

Do female betta fish flare their gills?

Female Betta fish as well as males are known for flaring their gills. The reason is Betta fish are fighting fish. Bettas do this if they feel uncomfortable or feel something (another fish, human, etc.) is coming to close to their habitat. I am the owner if two bettas and although they can put on an angry face they are good pets to that that are fun and last a long time

You just got a female betta fish and she is put in with a male betta he keeps flaring up what does that mean?

he is unaware that you just let a another fish in and wants to attack her for his territory,but if he starts making a bubble nest that means he is ready to spawn(mate) so put her in

How do betta fish communicate?

Betta fish can communicate through colors and body language. A betta fish can use fins to show it is ready to breed, and can change its skin to have black or dark vertical bars to show it is ready to breed. A male can communicate to other males to stay away by flaring it's fins and fanning it's gills at it's intruder.

What are good starter tank kits for betta fish?

betta bowl. it is amazing

What is a good sentence for absolute strength?

His/Her muscles were flaring with the blood coursing through his/her muscles.

How is Ike?

it is good... but Ikea is betta...

What type of fish will be good company for a male Betta?

Fish of equal size or larger, or just keep the betta by itself, the betta will be happier if you do.

I think my betta is dying?

I try to swim a bit but it wont stop staring at the wall. I once tapped the bowl to see what will happen but he don't care he is flaring what do i do? he is in a mini bow 1 i got him we days a go Jan 16 2010 help me... PS it has a filter and a light no heater. =( my first betta.

What is flaring in horses?

When a horse opens his nostrils wide, usually in anger or alarm, he is flaring his nostrils.

What is the large flaring part of the hip bone?

ilium bone is the flaring part of the hip bone.

Is betta fish food good for goldfish?


What all fish do betta fish fight with?

Betta fish fight will all fish. Even their own kind. If a betta has babies there is a good chance that they will eat the younglings. Betta babies are not born in the egg. They come right out as very small fish. Do NOT mix betta with betta or any fish.

What is a good name for a white and gray male Betta fish?

Bundle- That way, you could introduce them as "Betta Bundle".

Can you put another fish with a male betta fish?

you cant put men betta fish with another betta fish cause they will fight till they die so no mabe girl betta fish if they like the men betta fish put not men betta fish only girl good luck

Who invented the flaring tool?

The first flaring tool was patented in 1917 byThe Imperial Brass Manufacturing Company