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Is flattery good or bad?

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Flattery is very good.

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How is flattery used in a sentence?

"Flattery will get you anywhere" is an old axiom. She went out with him because he's so good at flattery. Will flattery never cease?

A good sentence with the word flattery?

With a smirk on her face, the girl retorted, "Flattery will get you nowhere, you cretin!" then she stalked off with a shake of her head.

What does the color red symbolize in The Great Gatsby?

Red may mean both good and bad,(light and dark) such as War, Blood, Violence or Love, romance, flattery.

What sentence can you use for flattery as a put down?

Flattery will not work, I need results!Your poor behavior is not alleviated by your flattery.

Is praise a synonym for flattery?

no, but false praise is a synonym for flattery

When did Willie Flattery die?

Willie Flattery died in 1957.

How can you put flattery into a sentence?

His flattery fell on deaf ears.

Is the sincerest form of flattery?

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery.

You want to know if a follower is a good thing?

someone who follows is a bad thing because everyone needs to be themselves, but at the same time a copy cat or a follower can be a way of flattery to the person they are following.

How do you use flattery in a sentence?

Despite his constant flattery, she refuses to go on a date with him.

When was Willie Flattery born?

Willie Flattery was born on 1904-02-04.

What is a sentence using the word flattery?

Some employees resorted to flattery, telling the boss how slim he looked after his vacation. Flattery is the key to persuading the vain.

The quote imitation is the sincerest form of flattery means?

Hatred is the sincerest form of flattery

What are some synonyms of the word 'flattery'?

There are a number of different synonyms for the word flattery. Some of those synonyms include adulation, commendation, palaver, plaudits, and snow job.

Why do beautiful girls sing praises to losers in the class?

Girls practice flattery to get some good entertainment.

How do you explain what is flattery in about 30 words?

flattery is when you lie to some one just to make him/her feel better when they are in serious problems.Even know you dont mind we use flattery every day.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery origin?

"Imitation is the sincerest flattery" C.C.Colton (1780 -1832) 'The Lacon.'

Person who extracts money or gifts by coaxing or flattery?

A very good con artist when they succeed in getting the items.

What rhymes with battery?


What is the opposite of flattery?


What rhymes with battelry?


How do you spell flattery?

FLATTERY : overdone, fawning, or effusive praise, often used to curry favor (see SYCOPHANT).

When was Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge created?

Flattery Rocks National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1940.

What rhymes with flattery?

(At-er-ee) assault and/car/dry/electric/flat/solar/storage/ battery cattery flattery

Should not be taken in flattery means?

Flattery means to compliment. The statement is not intended to compliment, thus likely the opposite (an insult).