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Is football dumb?

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It depends on what an individual's opinion is. If you think football's dumb, then that's your personal opinion. As you know, football is a career for many indiviuals. I personally don't play football, but I don't think that it is dumb. ==Answer == I don't think it's dumb, but you can have your own opinion. I think it's fun to watch and play.

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What was football called in medieval times?

Dumb ball

How do you contact football academies?

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What are stereotypes of NFL football players?

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What sport is harder to lern football or basketball?

I have to say football is harder because of all the rules and football is dumb because you have to stop all the time and start over. Basket ball is better and simpler. I wouldn't be calling football dumb with English like that. And the game isn't dumb just because it's too complicated for you--that's your own fault.

What college degree do you need to go to pro football?

Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football. Wow! What a dumb questions. You don't need a college degree to play pro football.

Who was the first one to play football?

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Why should the college football BCS changed?

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What football team is called the big red?

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Who is the best football team in the ACC?

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Why does Football have such good players who are dumb and take steroids or any other kind of drugs?

Because football players are human. You can go to any profession in the world and find people who do stupid things. Politicians, policeman, teachers, clergy ... they all have their people that do things that are dumb. Football is no different.

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What qualifications are needed to become a football ref?

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Why do many young football players continue to play after getting a concussion?

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How do you run block in football?

stop asking these dumb questions and just watch an eagles game. Go Vick

Has any professional football team been relegated in the English football leagues without losing a game.?

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