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Francium is not combustible.


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Combustible material catch fire easy dust non Combustible do not

Yes.Potassium is combustible.

Einsteinium is not combustible.

Yes, it is combustible.

Promethium is not combustible.

Yes, it is combustible.

Americium is not combustible.

Germanium is not combustible.

Francium was named after France, the country it was dicovered in.

Francium is an alkali metal but the chemistry of francium is practically unknown.

Neon is not a combustible gas.

Combustible materials are things that will burn.

It can be made molten, but is not combustible.

Radium is probably not combustible.

Francium is paramagnetic.

We haven't sufficient francium for a measurement; also francium is autovaporized.

Francium is considered the mot reactive metal; francium is not explosive.

The chemistry of francium is not known; francium has properties similar to caesium.

The chemistry of francium is not known but it is supposed that francium can react with the majority of nonmetals.

Any element is combustible we will find Uranium oxide on the earth. i.e uranium is combustible

No, plasma is not combustible. Plasma is not something that can be combustible without additional chemicals, as it is relatively cool.

Francium is the most reactive metal because: - francium has the greatest electropositivity - francium has the lowest electronegativity

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