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You can spray (with carb spray or special fuel injector linkage spray) the linkage around the throttle body, but the injectors, which are really the main part of the system are always being cleaned with gas while you drive. Gas is a great cleaner, so the simple answer is "no". That's one of fuel injection's big advantages over older style carburated systems, that needed cleaning and rebuilding sometimes. I've bought those fuel injecting cleaners that you add to a full tank of gass but they didn't do much. Drive them until they fail. You can check the electrical conections to the injectors, but there's no need for any routine maintenance.

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Q: Is fuel injection service necessary
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How do you service the fuel injectors on a dodge 1997 5.9?

Add a fuel injection cleaner into the fuel tank or go to a garage that has a fuel injection service machine.

What is fuel injection service?

Fuel injection service generally means running a cleaning solution through your fuel system. It removes the carbon buildup and makes the injectors spray more effectively.

Is fuel injection service and fuel induction service the same service?

No they are not but should be done in conjunction with eacd other. Fuel injection cleaning is what it says to be. Induction cleaning is cleaning the throttle butterfly and the the intake, back of the valve and combustion chamber.

How often should I use a diesel fuel injection service?

The recomeended service at 15000 miles and may also vary depending on the make and age of your vehicle. Recomendations from customers for reliable service are priceless.

Why carburetor is necessary in petrol engine?

It's not necessary if you have fuel injection. Any gas engine which does not have fuel injection, like most small equipment engines, uses a carburetor. The carburetor releases the fuel as a mist into air being drawn into the engine. That gets fuel and oxygen into the combustion chamber in a highly combustible condition.

Does the 1997 sierra 1500 have fuel injection or caburator?

Fuel injection

Does a 94 Geo Tracker have a carb or fuel injection?

Fuel injection.

What is Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI?

fuel injection controlled by a cpu

Does a 2004 Chevy cavalier have fuel injection or a carburetor?

fuel injection

Schematic Diagram of a fuel injection system 1992 Mazda pick up b2200?

The schematic diagram of the fuel injection system of a 1992 Mazda B220 can be seen in the service manual of the said model. This can be acquired by contacting the vehicle manufacturer or service centers.

What are the types of gasoline engine fuel system?

Carburetor, mechanical fuel injection, throttle body electronic fuel injection, ported electronic fuel injection,

Does a 99 Lesabre have a carburetor or a MAF?

Fuel injection.Fuel injection.

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