Is gargamel from the smurfs gay?

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How do you choke a Smurf?

killing a smurf is not an easy thing to do. you must first find the main source of the smurf... their village. then, you must stomp on all of their houses and wait for them to come running outside. you then must pick it and and pluck it apart like a flower.'

Are Smurfs real?

Smurfs are not real beings, but cartoon characters created by artist Pierre Culliford a.k.a Peyo. No, they (Smurfs) are fictional. yes, they live in Belgium and are indigenous to the mountainous terrain. They ave also been seen in Coxsackie New york. they love to eat mushrooms and hunt butterfli ( Full Answer )

What is Smurf village?

The Smurfs (aired_1981-1989) lived in tiny mushroom houses. Papa Smurf had a slightly larger mushroom house (being the leader). The Smurfs aired an amazing amount of 256 episodes (telling 421 stories). But was sadly canceled by NBC in 1989 due to decreased ratings.

Why is the smurfs called smurfs?

It's a translation of the French word "Schtroumpf" into Dutch. It was a word made up by the creator of the Smurfs (Pierre Culliford) to refer to something that he had temporarily forgotten the name for (in that particular case, salt) but the idea was that the name Schtroumpf or Smurf could be used i ( Full Answer )

What is a Smurf?

Little Blue people on an old TV show. Type your answer here... a smurf is cute little blue creatures that are created in belguim. the artist that created the smurfs was peyo.the smurfs were really born in a bluemoon. soon you will see the new smurf that a 12year old girl created.the smurf name i ( Full Answer )

What color are the Smurfs?

Smurfs are short, blue creatures. . Most Smurfs are blue, with white hats. Papa smurf I believe has a red hat & beard, while Brainy smurf wears glasses. Smufette (the only girl) had Blonde hair. (: Blue. White hat and white pants/dress. Although, Papa Smurf has red hat and pants and also has a w ( Full Answer )

Who are the smurfs?

The Smurfs are little blue cartoon caracters with white hats. They live in forest. Their leader is Papa Smurf and enemy Gargamel. Every Smurf has name and typical role. Smurfs are little blue people who live in a hidden village in the forest. Each one has a role. For example, "jokey smurf tells jok ( Full Answer )

Who normally were at odds with gargamel and his cat azrael?

Nemesis is his name !!! A sinister , hiccupping creature shrouded in a purple robe. He is an evil wizard like Gargamel, only more powerful. He is constantly trying to steal the Long-Life Stone, which is the magical artifact that grants the Smurfs their extremely long lifespans. He was once a human ( Full Answer )

Are the smurfs gay?

no i dont think so Answer: The sexuality of Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs) is certainly questionable. There are only three female (Nanny Smurf, Sassette, Smurfette) in the entire population Two of these are of unknown origin and one (Smurfette) was created by dark magic. None seem to have any ( Full Answer )

How tall is gargamel?

Gargemel was six foot one and a half. I know because I helped write and episode in 1984 were gargamel kept yelling how tall he was to the smurfs so that they would know how tall he was.

Why was Gargamel after the Smurfs?

His reasons for chasing the Smurfs vary depending on the episode. In some episodes he mentions a recipe for a potion that can turn things into gold; but he needs a smurf to make the potion. In other episodes he hints at the possibility of eating them. Most often however he is simply annoyed by them ( Full Answer )

What do smurfs eat?

Smurfs eat a lot of things. Mainly smurfberries and sarsaparilla leaves, but often they are seen eating different cakes or even hot dogs or chicken.

What is in Smurf dope?

Smurf dope is one of two things. Its either (a) Meth that is cut with a substance to make it that color as a marketing tool for dealers or (b) very strong highly pure dope that has turned that color due to its purity and method of cooking to create such a high quality product (this being the type I ( Full Answer )

Who created the Smurf?

Papa Smurf in the series. But the real person who created the cute blue creatures were Peyo

Why did they stop the smurfs?

Nothing lasts forever. Maybe the producers, makers, creators ran out of ideas, or simply wanted to try other things.

How do you get more smurfs in Smurfs' Village?

build or upgrade your houses and if it says you build anymore you have to get to the next level and then you can build more houses and get more smurfs. or buy them with smurfberrys You either "buy" a few smurfs with smurfberries, or you build a few "homes" for them; the home for each smurf can be bu ( Full Answer )

Was there a gay smurf?

In the cartoon a Smurf's sexuality is never confirmed or denied. (or mentioned at all for that matter) Seeing as there is only one female smurf (smurfette) you can only assume that they reproduce asexualy with a rate of female smurfs being less than 1%. (so I'm saying if they do have intercorse ther ( Full Answer )

What are the smurfs names In what do they do?

Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurf community and has a bushy white beard and red pants. . Smurfette is a female Smurf who was created by Gargamel. Her hair was black but turned blond when Papa Smurf turned her into a real smurf. She was the only female smurf until the creation of Sassette. . He ( Full Answer )

Do the smurfs live in smurf village?

Well they used to, but after the gnomes invaded the peaceful country of Smurfville. The smurfs were forced to abandon there beloved smurf villages, and retreated into the forest. Legend has it that they are building a secret weapon to destroy the gnomes.

What does smurfity smurf smurf smurf mean?

There is no such thing as 'Smurfity smurf smurf smurf' but 'Smurf smurfity smurf smurf' means a bad/ inappropriate word, it is not specific, though.

Why do the smurfs always say Smurf?

They say "smurf" a lot as it is a part of their language. They "randomly" replace words with the word smurf. Other than that, there really isn't a "reason" for why they say that a lot.

Where do the child smurfs come from on smurfs?

Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy used to be adult smurfs but when Papa Smurf asked them to go to father time's cave to fix his hour glass. Then Natural Smurf's butterfly flew into a clock running backwards. The smurflings ran after it and got turned into smurflings. Sassette was created by the other smur ( Full Answer )

How do you be like the smurfs?

paint your body blue. Or get a costume online of the smurfs. And... download the Smurfs theme song... La La La La sing a happy song :) I am #1 SMURFS FAN!

Are the smurfs from France?

No, they're Belgian; invented by the cartoonist Peyo and published by Dupuis, their French name is Les Schtroumpfs , or in Dutch De Smurfen .

Who likes to catch smurfs on smurfs?

The person who likes to catch the surfs and wants to is Gargamel and his cat Azriel. They are the main people who wand to catch them.

What can the smurfs do?

Nothing really, Mostly the smurfs are trying to Hide, and stay putbecause people want to hunt them... Hope this one helps you guys!>_<

Who was the first Smurf?

Most likely Grandpa smurf. Grandpa is 1,086 ( my sister told me). But papa smurf is the second oldest.

Who plays gargamel in smurfs?

Gargamel was played by Hank Azaria in the movie version of "TheSmurfs." (Actually there were two Smurfs movies featuring HankAzaria: the first was released in 2011 the second in 2013.)

How do you get the alchemist smurf on Smurfs' Village?

You have to wait until level 23 for Papa Smurf to send you on a 24 hour quest. When the Smurf comes back he is with him and you will be given the option to upgrade papa smurfs house which you have to do for 500u coins

Did gargamel eat smurfs?

Despite the fact that Gargamel captured Smurfs on some occassion,he never managed to eat them,because the Smurfs always outsmartedthe evil wizard and were successful in finding a way to escape fromhis clutches.

Is there a smurf called scardy smurf?

yes. have you heard of the episode "The last laugh"? Well, scardey smurf said " Well mabye it's like the hiccups and you can scare them out of them." because jokey and grouchy were laughing.

How do you get sleepy Smurf in smurfs?

First of all his name is Lazy Smurf. I think your talking about the smurfs app. To get him you have to save up your smurfberries and buy Lazy's from the shop.

Will there be a smurfs 3?

No . because its not a poplar movie . and if its not a poplar movie than there not going to be a smurfs 3

What is the antagonist in the smurfs?

There are a few. The most famous ones are Gargamel and his catAzrael. Others include Hogatha, Balthazar, Chlorhydris, andNemesis.

Why does Gargamel hate the Smurfs?

Gargamel's motivations for wanting to destroy the Smurfs wasoriginally his need for them to make gold. On some occasions hewanted to eat them.

What series does the sorcerer Gargamel appear in?

The evil sorcerer Gargamel is from the popular kids series The Smurfs.He is the enemy of the Smurfs and tries to capture them all the time so he can make a potion to turn matter into gold.

What are the release dates for Smurfs - 1981 For the Love of Gargamel The A-Maze-ing Smurfs 2-17?

Smurfs - 1981 For the Love of Gargamel The A-Maze-ing Smurfs 2-17 was released on: USA: 23 October 1982 West Germany: 26 July 1984 (segment The A-Maze-ing Smurfs") West Germany: 2 August 1984 (segment "For the Love of Gargamel") Netherlands: 14 August 1984 (segment "For the Love of Gargamel ( Full Answer )