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Germanium is a metalloid. With both metallic and nonmetallic properties.

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Is germanium a metal or non-metal?

Germanium is classified as a metallic element (some sources list it as semi-metallic)

Atomic mass of germanium?

Germanium is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 72.64.

The atomic mass of germanium?

Germanium is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 72.64.

Is germanuim a metal?

Germanium has properties of both metal and non-metal. Hence it is considered to be metalloid.

Is germanium the element a metal or nonmetal?

Germanium is neither. It is a metalliod, because it has some properties of a metal and some properties of a nonmetal. However, the substance of germanium is a metal.

Which atom has an atomic number of 32?

Germanium is a non metal element. Atomic number of it is 32.

Is germanium a metal nonmental or a metalloid?

Germanium has been said by many to be a metal, but it is only carrying characteristics of a metal so it can be called a semi-metal. Despite this Germanium is most usually classed as a metalloid.

An element that is a non-metal but conductor of electricity?

Silicon or Germanium Graphite is an excellent electrical conductor

Which element is classified as a metalloid semi-metal?

The elements such as gallium,germanium,silicon are classified as metalloids. They have properties of both metals and non metals. They are in the p block.

Which chemical acts as both metal and non-metal?

All elements in the Metaloids group including Silicon and Germanium act as metals and non-metals which is why Silicon is used in computer chips as it can be an electrical conductor and insulator.

Is germanium a mineral?

"http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_germanium_a_mineral" No germanium is a metal....

What element is not a non metal boron aluminum silicon or germanium?

None of those elements are nonmetals.The outlier of the group is aluminium, which is usually considered a metal. The other three are all normally though of as being "metalloids".

Is geraniums a metal?

No, but Germanium is an element.

Is germanium a metal metalloid or nonmetal?

AnswerSemi-metal And a metalloid.

What element is a metal and a non metal?

These types of elements are called metalloids. There are a few: Boron, Silicon, Arsenic, Germanium, Antimony, Tellurium, and Astatine. Hope that's what you were looking for!

Is gallium a metal nonmetal?

Gallium is a metal. It is next to germanium, a semi-metal.

Is germanuim a metal metalloid or a nonmetal?

Germanium is a metalloid. It has some properties of both metals and non metals. It belongs to group 14.

What metals can be either nonmetal or metal?

Metals cannot be either non-metal or metal hence the designation. The elements that possess properties of both metals and non-metals are called metalloids. The metalloids are boron, silicon, arsenic, tellurium, germanium, antimony, and polonium.

What is the texture of germanium?

Germanium is a metal with many rough edges and smooth bumpy flat areas

What metal is a semi conductor?

No metal is semiconductor. By definition metal is conductor. There are metalloids elements. Like silicon and germanium. They are semiconductors. There is no hard and fast definition of such elements.

How much metalloids are on periodic table?

There are 7 metalloids on periodic table.It includes Boron,Silicon,Germanium,Arsenic,Antimony,Tellurium and Polonium.They have properties in between metal and non metal.

Is germanium reactive or non-reactive?

Germanium is not a very reactive element - the electronegativity is 2,01.

Example of metal non metal and metalloids?

Metals: iron, uranium, beryllium, wolfram, zinc, etc. Metalloids: boron, silicon, germanium, tellurium, arsenic, antimony, polonium Non metals: oxygen sulphur, helium, hydrogen, radon, etc.

What is a non metal oxide?

A non metal oxide is a compound of a non metal with oxygen. metals are in the center or left hand side of the periodic table of chemical elements. non metals are to the right hand side and are separated from the metals along the aluminum/ Gallium/Germanium/antimony/polonium line. A non metal oxide is a non metallic element reacted with oxygen e.g. Water (H2O), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

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