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Both are serious charges, but reckless driving in a lesser charge, but you're up for grabs when the judge sees you. Hope you get it good if you're guilty ... you don't own the road!

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Q: Is getting a DUI charge dropped to a reckless driving charge better in Florida?
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Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license?

Getting cited for reckless driving will result in four points on your license

Getting cited for reckless driving will result in?

Reckless driving? I think that depends on how many offenses you have against your drivers license, the laws in the state that you live in, and how bad the reckless driving is.

How can you get a 76 in a 55 reckless driving ticket dropped and what should you do to reduce it such as defensive driving courses or pleading guilty to a lesser charge Also if you are 16?

You would have to plead your case to a Judge about getting the ticket reduce it. Since it is a reckless driving chare the penalties are stiffer. Now if it was a regualr speeding ticket, you could take a defensive driving course to get the ticket off your record.

Will getting cited for reckless driving result in four points on your license?


Getting cited for reckless driving will result in points on your license?

4 point

19 Getting cited for reckless driving will result in how many points on your license?

four points

How many points for reckless driving in florida?

Reckless Driving is generally 3 points on your license and on your insurance record. This is the same as for a DUI as far as insurance goes or for having an accident. These are all 3 points. There's a joke about what's the difference in a DUI or Reckless Driving? The punchline is having a lawyer. A lawyer or the police officer themselves try to tell you they achieved something for you by getting your violation reduced to Reckless Driving instead of DUI but in reality it makes no difference and the Judge will almost always do this for you if you ask anyway without paying an Attorney. Save your money to pay for the insurance increase.

Hold on a drivers license?

A person can get a hold put on their drivers license for many reasons. This includes getting a DUI, reckless driving and many other offenses.

Can reckless driving keep you from getting a handgun carry permit?

Reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor, and the federal statutes do not prohibit any such thing. You need to look at your state and local statutes to determine what regulations they may or may not have,

What is Reckless possession of paraphernalia?

Reckless paraphernalia is getting arrested for having a shitload of bongs and bowls, hookahs, ect...

Is reckless driving and getting a ticket a violation of probation?

Usually not, unless the terms of probation specified otherwise. If you're not certain, you can ask your probation officer, and they'll be able to tell you what is or is not in violation of your probation.

If you received a reckless driving conviction as well being on your best behavior after 1 year what are the chances of getting the Honorable discharge granted?

If you are referring to an Honorable Discharge from the military after having been convicted of reckless driving - I would say your chances are probably pretty good if the rest of your military service was exemplary. At the very least you might receive a General DIscharge Under Honorable Conditions.

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How much is the ticket for violation of driving permit?

i just got a ticket last night. I have to pay $150. I live in FLorida. 17 yrs old... driving on a permit... getting my license in 8 days.

If you receive a reckless driving charge in South Dakota and your license is from Minnesota does that affect the license.?

Yes it does. In fact the person getting that ticket will get some serious prison time for breaking a law in a different state. I would leave the country.

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What is the maximum age limit for getting a driving licence for driving a commercial vehicle in India

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How long do you have to wait after getting your driving permit to get your driving license in NY?

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