Is ghost really true?


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i believe ghost are real and there is a paranormal world.

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no there is no such things as ghosts

No there is not, but then again it is really a matter of opinion

I don't think there are true ghost stories.

Is ghost really present in the world?

It isn't really true as there isn't such a castle found in India. However, if you do believe in ghost stories, there is a possibility it's true.

True Singapore Ghost Stories was created in 1990.

To tasks stock of what is really going on around him and not to close his mind to the true spirit of Christmas

True Singapore Ghost Stories has 150 pages.

no,they use ghost to scare children,theres really no ghost

The Luna ghost was a glowing ghost who was really old man Smithers

some people say or prove that they see ghost if it is true people see ghost but i think there are no ghost

I think that people hate ghost just because they're not used to them. i really think thst if ghost really exsists, then they can't really do any harm.

Ghost aren't true, they are just are imaginations and if you watch ghost shows with unexplained evidence, they are just fake and the managers and directors of them just want money because almost all of the people like ghost.

no,ther is no such thing called ghost it is all created by humans .i belive that she was in history,but not ghost.

Well nobody really invented ghost. A ghost is a spirit of someone who has died.

Well if you are talking about like cartoon ghost yes. But there are really such thing as a ghost. My dad has seen then in his old house in VT

the only way to get a ghost out of you is to die with a really bad soul.

Run!! It really could be a ghost!

Well yeah,some people say, that's not true.But ghost ship was a true story in 1700.

can ghost come out on Halloween. Night. Is it true they come out on halloween

There are really no ghost TV shows. There is one and its Casper the friendly ghost.

I'm sorry but I only know one REALLY cool and TRUE ghost site. It has ghost stories, videos and pics of the deformed. The Internet address is written under here: http://www.ghoststoriesandpictures.com/index.html I hope this helps you!

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I'm not 100% sure on what "ghost clown" means, but I'm pretty nearly 100% sure that whatever it is, it's not true.

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