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Is gibline a scam?



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Giblink-Global Internet Business Link

Giblink is a brand new Social/Business Network that is offering it's members an opportunity to share in it's revenue.

This is a powerful incentive to quickly build the network, without having to go through all the trial and error that others have gone through to get their networks off the ground (Myspace, Facebook, Home-Biz-Space...).

And, evidently it's working. Over 20,000 members have joined in a little over a month.

Business Owners/Networkers are taking advantage of all the exposure as members are searching for others to bulld their contact list.

I've been researching a lot about this. So far, I see nothing to indicate its a scam, but people are VERY smart when it comes to getting our money. I did join Gibline, as these type things are a hobby for me. You never know when you might stumble across something that least for a short time. Is Gibline a scam.......well, I'll find out after the first cycle in about 90 days. :-)