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Is glass a conductor or insulator?

Glass is an electrical insulator. But glass more readily conducts heat.

Is glass a conductor or an insulator?

Myella! Glass is an insulator... hehehaha.

Is glass in insulator and conductor?

Glass is a nearly-perfect insulator.

Is a glass microscope slide a insulator?

a glass microscope slide is an insulator

Is glass insulator or conductor?


Is a glass jar an insulator or conductor?

Since glass isn't a conductor, a glass jar is an insulator.

Is glass an insulator or a conductor?

glass is not a very good conductive so it is an insulator

Is a glass bulb a conductor or insulator?


Is a glass microscope slide an electrical insulator or a conductor?

Yes, a glass microscope slide is an electrical insulator. Glass is generally considered an electrical insulator.

Is a glass microscope slide a insulator or a conductor?


Is a glass marble a conductor or a insulator?

Glass and glass marbles are an insulator unless their is some conducting material embedded in the glass.

Is a glass tube an insulator or conductor of electricity?

It is a insulator. The glass does not have free electrons to flow as current, and the air in the tube is also an insulator.

Are glass beads a conductor or insulator?


Why glass is a good insulator?

Glass makes a good insulator for electrical systems because glass will not melt too easily. Glass is also a good insulator on a house because air cannot pass directly through the glass.

Is glass rod a conductor or insulator?

An insulator. Glass cannot conduct or pass electrical current.

Is glass dish insulator or conductor?

It is an insulator- glass does not conduct electricity (although it can conduct heat).

Is glass a thermal condutor or insulator?

insulator. it is not a very good insulator though.

Is Glass a conducter or an insulater?

Glass is an insulator

Is glass microscope slide a conductor or an insulator?

It is a insulator because glass is not a metal so it is NOT A CONDUCTOR.

Why is fiberglass a good insulator?

A: Glass is a very good insulator and fiber glass are just fibers of glass. VERY dangerous if inhaled because of it.

Is glass a conductor or insulator of electricity?

Glass in a molten state is a conductor of electricity. When glass turns to a solid state it becomes an insulator.Basically, glass in a window or a test tube would be the solid state and so it is a insulator of electricity.

Is glass a conductor or a insulators?

Glass is an insulator!?! LOL

What is glass classified as?

an insulator

Is glass insulator?

Yes, it is. :)

Is glass a good conductor or insulator?

its a insulator.. it isnt good conductor