Is global warming real?

The evidence for recent Global Warming is abundant and is generally accepted almost everywhere in the world outside the USA. How much of the recent Global Warming is caused by human action is slightly less certain, but most people (and in particular most scientists) accept that the major contribution is from overuse of carbon fuels.

  • The facts speak for themselves. The average global temperature is rising and has been doing so since the Industrial Revolution. The years 1998, 2005 and 2010 are regarded as the equal warmest years on record. The past decade was the warmest since instrumental measurements began in 1850, and the ten warmest years since 1850 have now all occurred since 1998.
  • Global warming (or more accurately global climate change) is occurring and presents a danger to the Earth. Science confirms it, observations of temperature, ice cap melting, wind patterns of ocean currents, the changing distribution of fish and wildlife, climatic anomalies all are consistent with climate model predictions. Almost every climate scientist agrees with the models, the math and the evidence, as do the majority of scientists overall regardless of their discipline.
  • No known natural cycle accounts for the continued measured increase in global temperature.
  • No known solar cycles map to earth climate cycles. The tiny measured variations in solar output have no correlation to measured rapid changes in earth's climate.
  • All earth's volcanoes and natural sources emit about 300 million tons of CO2 per year. The earth appears able to absorb this level of CO2 (a heat trapping gas) without significant environmental consequence, as carbon dioxide levels have not changed substantially in the 800,000 years preceding our industrial revolution. Humans, however, now pump 100 times this much CO2 into the atmosphere each year--now more than 30 billion tons. Careful and critical scientific inquiry has lead us to reject the claim this excess carbon has no environmental impact.

Here are some contrary opinions.

  • The climate has changed in past years, but it has been both hotter than this and colder. A few people insist that Global Warming is a hoax. The earth can't really be affected by people although it a good thing to stop pollution and clean the earth.
  • Cold and warm weather is determined by solar activity, not people.
  • Global warming stopped when the Earth started cooling off years ago. In school they always show about how its melting our ice when yet the ice has been melting since before man had machines that pollute the Earth.
  • Global warming is a natural phenomenon.
  • There's no proof, but keep 'saving the planet' because the CO2 emissions are rising and global warming could exist in the near future.
  • The greenhouse effect is a vital part of nature. Without some trapping the planet would be a very cold dead place. What we ask is if man has any part in the current warming that is occurring. A political answer is that no one knows, but it is not likely that we play much, if any role. The warmest year on record occurred in 2010. If man's ever increasing production of CO2 were causing warming, we might expect to see a consistent trend towards warmer temps. The concept of global warming being a man made event is a fear issue. Some people feel the need to create fear to cause people to change their life styles.

What you are asking is, if man has any part in the current global warming and climate change. The answer is unequivocally YES. The warmest year on record occurred in 2010. At present global warming, NASA reports 40% of polar caps have disappeared. This is causing torrential rains, snowstorm, droughts, forest fires, soil erosion, sea level rise. Permafrost is thawing, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2. Any measures mankind has to stop CO2 emissions to reverse this catastrophe may be too late.