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Is glucose biodegradable?


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Glucose is another word for sugar. Sugar is biodegradable so glucose is biodegradable. For instance if you put sugar in water the sugar will dissolve.


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The difference between biodegradable and non biodegradable is things that are biodegradable break down after time. Non biodegradable things do not break down over time.

yes , it is biodegradable ,because, it is a natural fiber !!

If it can be eaten then it is biodegradable. So a sausage is biodegradable.

Nope. Glass is not organic (contains no carbon) and as such is non biodegradable.

examples for biodegradable are : plastic and glass and the examples for non-biodegradable are: cloth bags and spoilt food etc.

A fruit peel is biodegradable. All plant and animal tissues will decompose eventually.

No, it is not biodegradable.

Metals are not biodegradable. Lead is a metal. Lead is not biodegradable.

Yes. Steel is Biodegradable. it is made of biodegradable materials.

It depends on what the cloth is made of.

Tea leaves are biodegradable.

We segregate our biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes so that all biodegradable can be used as fertilizers while the non biodegradable can be recycled to make different creative products.

Biodegradable can be broken down by the earth naturally, non- biodegradable can not.

Some detergents are biodegradable. You just have to find them.

pastics are biodegradable

Polystyrene is NOT biodegradable

no, nylon is not biodegradable!

Yes it is biodegradable

none biodegradable means the material which is not envorment friendly and biodegradable means the material which is envorment friendly.

I think there no accurate antonym than non-biodegradable.....

Depends on location but biodegradable is usually green.

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