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No, gm corn is not different than regular corn, not really anyway. Genetically modified corn is corn that does not come from an average corn seed.

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Q: Is gm corn different than regular corn?
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Is GM food cheaper than regular?

No, GMO foods are not cheaper than conventional foods.

Do cars and trucks run on two or more different kinds of gas?

Only some domestic cars, certain fords and gm's can run on regular gasoline or E85 ethanol made from corn. Then you have the diesels that ONLY use diesel fuel.

Can you have chapati or corn in gm diet?

Corn - Yes Chapati - No

Is Corn On The Cob GM?

Some of it is, particularly in the US. This is good because GM corn such as the Bt variety will have fewer bug parts in it.

What are 2 different GM crops?

Some, though not all, corn and soybeans grown in the US have been genetically modified.

How much grams is in one cup of corn?

About 240 gm.

How many corn flakes are in a 750 gm box?


What does organic food include?

organic food is worse than gm foods because it costs more and it comes in different shapes and sizes. organic food is worse than gm foods because it costs more and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

How many grams of light corn syrup in a tablespoon?

That is 15 gm.

Can you stop GMO proliferation in corn production?

Absolutely. All you would have to do is convince all the seed producers to stop GM seed production, and all the GM corn would disappear within two generations. The bigger question might be, why would you want to?

What crops constitute the greatest proportion of GM crops grown in the world?

Corn and Soybeans

Does corn starch help you gain weight?

Corn can be a great food to eat when trying to gain weight. It is high in carbs, and the calorific value of corn being 342 calories per 100 gm.

How many large eggs equal three regular eggs?

3 medium eggs is about 142 gm. 2 large is 124 gm, 3 large is 185 gm.

Approximately how much of what Americans eat is GM foods?

First you must specify whether you mean GM foods that are modified by gene replacement in the lab or by selection and hybridization. Because of the stigma given GMO's by pseudo scientists there are very few directly grown, non processed GM foods. Almost all soybeans grown in the US are GMO and most of the corn and canola. Sweet corn, however, is not GM, but it's a hybrid. Growers must use herbicides to control weeds because there is no GM seed to do it.

Will 1999 ford windstar rims fit on a 2005 Malibu?

No. Ford has a different bolt pattern than GM.

How many grams is one cup of coffee?

250 gm for a 'regular'.

My 1990 gm 305 has the same internal parts as my 5.7 gm .is this right?

Different pistons. Cam might be different. Valve sizes are different.

Is most corn nowadays genetically modified?

* No, any that is, you will know about it before you buy it. The labels on gm foods are clear to make sure there is no confusion. Also, it would be illegal for them not to state whether a food is gm or not because as a consumer, we would not know what we are buying and what it contains. Just as organic food are clearly labelled gm foods must be too. I hope this helps you. while correct the above answer is relevant in europe. in the US most corn and soybeans are GM and have been for years

What percent of land is planted with Bt corn vs regular corn?

""As in the past, the 2009 percentage growth in biotech crop area continued to be significantly stronger in the developing countries (13 percent or 7 million hectares) than industrial countries (3 percent or 2 million hectares)," reported the ISAAA in its "Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2009" paper."


Some of the GM, or genetically modified, foods include crops, meats, and dairy. Cows are normally fed a GM diet to enhance the meat or dairy and many of the time the fertilzer in crops such as corn and tomatoes are genetically modified as well.

Is gm part number 89021184 regular power steering fuild?


Will a airbag module from a 2004 gm truck fit a 1999 gm truck?

NO, It is different.

What is the GM Tech 2 used for?

The GM Tech 2 is used for many things. The GM Tech 2 is used for scanning. Typically, the GM Tech 2 is used as a scanning tool for different GM vehicles.

Ford and gm are they one company?

( No ) Ford and General Motors ( GM ) are 2 different companies

Which gm vehicles are towable?

All GM cars are towable, some just have different requirements