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Is gray a shade or a tone?

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It's both. Grey is a shade of a tone.

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What is the difference between shade tone and color?

A tint is any hue mixed with white. A tone is any hue mixed with gray. A shade is any hue mixed with black.

What is matte silver?

It is a tone of gray in the same shade as silver, but without silver's luster.

Is gray a color or a shade?

gray is a shade

What is shade and tone?

shade and tone means your skin colour

Is silver a shade of gray?

Silver is a metallic shade of gray.

When was A Pleasant Shade of Gray created?

A Pleasant Shade of Gray was created in 1996-12.

Is white a shade or a tone?

Both. A shade is like a shadow, and a tone is a color mixing white and black.

Mix gray color and yellow?

If you mix together gray and yellow the result it called a tone of yellow. It is predominately yellow, but the color is less intense. This is a difficult shade to make well because the gray can easily overpower the yellow.

What is The meaning of a pleasant shade of gray?

A Pleasant Shade of Gray is an album by the metal group Fates Warning.

What is another word for tone?


Is black a shade or tone?

Black Is A Shade AND A Tone.Because You Can Get, Grey, Dark Grey, Then Black, They're All Shades.Then The Tone, You Can Get Black :)

What is another word for tint or shade?

another word for tint or shade is tone

Is black a shade or a tone?

Black is a shade because it collects no light at all

What is the color shade?

a light gray

A hue mixed with black is?

A shade of gray. A darker shade of the color with which it is mixed.

What colors best match with a standard gray if you want draw on a gray hoodie with fabric paints?

whats a hoodie and what shade of gray? it really depends on what you are drawing and what effect you want your drawing to have - actually any color will work with gray as gray contains all colors - the shade of gray and what effect you want in your drawing will determine which shade / tint of color you want

What are the release dates for A Darker Shade of Gray - 2009?

A Darker Shade of Gray - 2009 was released on: USA: 2009 (SCAD Screening)

How do you make gray paint?

AnswerStart with Brown paint then add any shade of blue it can be dark but i recommend light blue to get that great shade of gray

Is gray a tint or a shade?

Neither. Gray is the perfect combonation of both black and white, which means it is neither a tint or a shade. Though, you can tint it and make colors like Ash Gray and Charcoal!

What actors and actresses appeared in A Darker Shade of Gray - 2009?

The cast of A Darker Shade of Gray - 2009 includes: Kristin Barker as Mary Nicodemus Hammil as Detective Milton Gray

Is there a colour that starts with the letter U?

Umber (a shade of brown/gray) Ube (a shade of purple) Ultramarine (a shade of blue) Urobilin (a shade of yellow)

What shade of brown do you wear with a gray shirt?

depends on what shade of gray. but just for answering sake just stick to the lighter the gray the lighter the brown should be even thou some light gray shirts look great with dark brown.

Who sang lighter shade of gray?

Procol Harum

Is gray secondary or primary colour?

grey is a shade

Why does an artist use tone?

to show light and shade, without it it would all be mono-tone and grey.