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Q: Is green cucumber a zucchini
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What is a Long green vegetable that looks like a cucumber?


What is the green skinned fruit that looks cucumber inside called?

A pickle? Zucchini?

What is the difference between a cucumber and zucchini?

a zucchini has stripes a cucumber is just a dark grean

Can cucumber replace zucchini?

Basicly cucumber and zuccini are the same but there are a few small differences. And yes you can replace cucumber with zucchini.

What is the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber?

While both are members of the gourd family, zucchini is a squash; cucumber is not.

How do you eat a zucchini?

you eat a zucchini like a cucumber

How do you eat a cucumber?

you eat a cucumber like a zucchini

Are zucchini and cucumber the same?


What is a good plant to plant next to zucchini?

I planted squash and cucumber next to my zucchini. :)

Can cucumber and zucchini be pollinated by humans?


What is another vegetable comparable to cucumber?


Is cucumber part of the zucchini family?

Yes it is

Which is more related to a zucchini--an acorn squash or a cucumber?

why there are no answers on this thing

How can you put zucchini in a sentence?

I usually add slices of zucchini to vegetable soup, when I make it. I don't know if zucchini is related to cucumber, or not.

How do you tell the difference between a cucumber seedling and a zucchini seedling?

Cucumbers have a different texture then zucchinis. Cucumbers have a bumby outer shell oppose to a smooth zucchini skin. Cucumbers are usually bigger than zucchini. The taste is different as well. The cucumber has a crisp watery taste and the zucchini has a more of squash taste.

What kind of vegetable is an zucchini?


What do gold fishs eat?

They can eat flakes, pellets, and when properly prepared - peas, green beans, spinach, specialty gel foods, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, oranges

What is the difference between yellow zucchini and green zucchini?

yellow zucchini has not riped but the green one is and its ready to cook..LOL

How many calories in zucchini broccoli cucumber and tomato?

7301285 calories

Fruit or vegetable that has 8 letters?

Zucchini Cucumber

Is a courgette a cucumber?

Courgette is another name for zucchini, or a small marrow.

What does zuccihini have in it?

Zucchini is a small summer squash. Along with some other squashes, it belongs to the species Cucurbita pepo. The zucchini can be yellow, green or light green, and generally has a similar shape to a ridged cucumber, though a few cultivars are available that produce round or bottle-shaped fruit. In a culinary context, zucchini is treated as a vegetable, which means it is usually cooked and presented as a savory dish or accompaniment. Botanically, however, the zucchini is an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the female zucchini flower. Source:

What vegetables are good for dogs?

Carrot sticks,green beans,cucumber slices,or zucchini slices.Even a plain baked potato is OK.It's a good healthy snack for your dog.

Are green squash the same as zucchini?

Yes, zucchini is a summer squash that is dark or light green.

Is zucchini yellow?

the flowers are and the inside of the zucchini is but the outside is green