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Is grinding engine numbers legal?

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June 06, 2007 12:46PM

Its not like a gun serial number, the numbers are used to identify the group and specs on the engine for rebuilding purposes, they also identify an engine to a vehicle serial number. During an inspection process sometimes they attempt to match up serial numbers to authenticate the vehicles history, the only person interested in removing serial numbers is someone who stole the engine or knowingly purchased a stolen engine and wishes to hide it. That fact alone would prompt a more in depth investigation and if you are indeed in posession of stolen property you can be charged.
I want to add that those numbers are stamped into the block and it affects the metal much further down than you would want to grind in order to take them off. A good investigator can retrieve the numbers even if they have been removed, but again just the fact that they have been removed will prompt an investigation ( only one type of person wants to hide the source of their engine) so your entire life will be opened up to them and any indiscretions will be used to build a case.