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Is gross sales the same as gross income?

They are not the same, although they can be.. Gross sales are just what it says...sales before any adjustments.. Gross income would include ALL income from all sources. You could sell items, but you could also rent items (which would be shown as Rental Income). Or, you could make a loan to someo ( Full Answer )

What is gross income?

In almost all cases, this is your "total" (or gross) income, before taxes or other with-holdings. If you are paid hourly, this is your total hours worked x rate of pay. If you are on salary, it is your salary, rather than your actual take home pay.

What is the average gross income in the US?

I hope i can help you to understand the modern political psychy and how and why it suppresses your simple question from being honestly answered in the public statistics.. As a Brit ive repeatedly tried to discover the average, gross, adult income figure for the UK. What ive so far found out is that ( Full Answer )

What is the formula for gross income?

The IRS defines gross income as the total of earned income plus unearned income. Earned income includes salaries, wages, tips, and professional fees. Unearned income includes taxable interest, ordinary dividends, capital gain distributions, unemployment compensation, taxable social security benefits ( Full Answer )

What is a gross yearly income?

Gross yearly income is the total income before any deductions are taken out.. Total incoming , excluding all expenditure, i think . Your income before taxes are taken out

What is Gross National Income?

Gross National Income (GNI) comprises the total value k produced within a country (i.e. its Gross Domestic Product ), together with its income received from other countries (notably interest and dividends ), less similar payments made to other countries.. For example, if a British-owned comp ( Full Answer )

What is the annual gross income of a cashier?

The average annual salary of a cashier is only around 19,000dollars a year. This is often a starting position for teenagers ora part time position for many.

Gross vs net income?

Gross and Net Gross refers to the total and Net refers to the part of the total that really matters. Gross vs Net Income In accounting, for a P&L (profit and loss statement, Gross profit , or Gross income , or Gross operating profit is the difference between revenue and the cost of makin ( Full Answer )

What is Annual gross income?

Annual gross income refers to the amount of money a person makes ina year before taxes are removed. Net income refers to the amount ofmoney made after the withdrawal of taxes.

What is the difference between true gross income and gross income?

Gross pay is equal to your salary minus any automatic (non-taxable) deductions such as health insurace and 401K deductions. . True Gross pay equals your total salary. . Example: . An employee gets paid $10 per hour and works for 40 hours. They also have insurance and 401K deductions of a total o ( Full Answer )

What is an architects gross income?

not much only $50-$70 grand a year but that's with at least 5 years of experience i found that out and i chose another career.

How do you figure out your gross income?

Gross income is all monies earned and received before deductions. ( taxes, EI, Union Dues, etc ) After deductions it is considered Net income.

What is the gross income of the NBA?

Statista reports the National Basketball Association generatedabout $4 billion dollars in revenue within one season. Each teamfranchise brings in about $123 million or higher per year.

What is grossing?

A layman's take: A simple way to think of it is that "gross" income is the total amount of money a product takes in, period. It doesn't take into account any related costs or expenses. Movie studios, record companies and game makers in particular love to point out what a title is "grossing" fo ( Full Answer )

What is Gross margin operating income?

It is the difference between revenue from the business and the costof making a product or providing a service. This is the numberbefore you deduct all expenses.

Difference between gross income and income?

Income is a general term referring to one's financial gain, whether earned or unearned, received as wages, or for services, from the sale of goods or property, or as earnings on investments over a given period of time.. Gross income is the total income earned from all sources (e.g. wages, property) ( Full Answer )

Monthly gross income for a lawyer?

Depends. If you open your office right out of law school, be prepared to starve the first year. If you have good grades in law school and go to a decent school, firms pay associates anywhere from 30k a year to 100k a year depending on where you live and the size and CHEAPNESS of the firm's partners. ( Full Answer )

What is the gross income for athletes?

There is no way go generalize that number. Marginal players in the US make can several hundred thousand dollars per year. Superstars can make 20-30 million per year. Most are somewhere inbetween.

What is the difference between adjusted gross income and modified adjusted gross income?

Adjusted gross income is the number on the last line of the first page of Form 1040. The tax law has many different definitions of modified adjusted gross income in many different contexts. For example, there are different definitions of MAGI for determining whether you can deduct a traditional I ( Full Answer )

Why are gross income and adjusted gross income different?

Gross Income- The Internal Revenue Code defines gross income as "except as otherwise provided..., all income from whatever source derived." The "except as otherwise provided" refers to exclusions. Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)- is an important subtotal that serves as the basis for computing percentag ( Full Answer )

What is gross household income?

gross household income is how much money everyone in your "household" brings home after taxes.

Is annual income your gross or net income?

Your annual income is generally your net income - what you earned (gross income) minus the taxes and pre-tax benefits you pay for prior to getting your paycheck (deductions).

How do you pronounce gross in German?

Do you mean "gross" like "tall"? If you do: It's pronounced "gr oo s". You roll the 'r' a little bit (like in Spanish).

How much does your gross income have to be to get the child's tax credit and does unemployment count as gross income?

The Child Tax Credit is $1,000 for each of your dependent children that you are claiming that are 16 or younger. It doesn't have anything to do with gross income. This credit is nonrefundable, so it can only reduce your tax to zero. If your tax is less than this credit (see worksheet in IRS instruct ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between adjusted gross income and gross income?

Gross income on the 1040 income tax return is the total amounts of all of your worldwide taxable income added together that is on page 1 line 22 Total Income of the 1040 tax form. From the line 22 total taxable income you can have some amounts from line 23 through line 35 that can be used to reduc ( Full Answer )

What is an obstetrician's gross income?

As of 2010, In the USA the annual median Obstetrician Salary is $248,000. The lower end 10% is around $101,000 annually. The upper end 10% is around $350,000 annually.

If your net income is 47000 what is your gross income?

Jones bought an income property for which $47,000.00 was deducted from gross income for operating expenses. If the operating expenses are 30% of gross income, the value of the property using a cap rate of 12.5%?

At what gross income do you pay income tax on?

You are the only one that has all of the necessary information that will have to be reported on your 1040 FEDERAL income tax return for the year in order to do the calculation for the numbers that you are looking for. After you complete your 1040 federal income tax return correctly to your TAXABLE ( Full Answer )

What is the gross national income of cuba?

The GDP 2009 official estimate is based on constant of 1997 prices and this is what it estimates $50.01 billion. Cuba also uses a unique social method for figuring out the GDP which makes it impossible to compare with any other counties in the world.

What is the formula for Adjusted Gross Income?

Start with all of your total worldwide income then subtract the adjustments to your income to come up with your adjusted gross income on the 1040 tax form line 37 and 38. If you can qualify for some of the adjustments to income on the 1040 tax return those amounts would reduce you're your total inco ( Full Answer )

Is gross income monthly or weekly?

It can be what ever period that your gross earnings are calculated for monthly, weekly, annual and when you are working on completing your income tax return correctly you would report all of your gross yearly income from all sources on your 1040 income tax return.

Where can you get a loan using gross income?

You can apply at any financial institution that you choose to ask them if they will loan you any amount using your gross income for this purpose.

What is the gross income of 218?

IF your NET take home paycheck was 218 after all of the necessary withholding deductions that your employer payroll department was required to withhold from your gross pay. In almost all cases, this is your "total" (or gross) income, before taxes or other with-holdings. If you are paid hourly, thi ( Full Answer )

Is gross profit the same as net income?

No. Gross will be what you make prior to any overhead expenses. For instance: You make a product using labor and material. Sales price less labor and material costs give you a gross profit. From gross profit your overhead and taxes will be paid leaving you with a net profit. Net is always what is le ( Full Answer )

What is the gross income of being an artist?

After taking out the cost for the label, producers, songwriters, managers, lawyers, agents, etc. The Average artist will be looking at getting maybe a little over $50,000/Year. Then you have to include taxes, and it goes down from there.

What do you do when you are grossed out?

Easy, get over it, walk away and get a glass of water( that's what i do), or go over to a friends house or do something you like.

What income is higher net income or gross income?

Normally gross income is higher than net income as gross incomeonly includes direct expenses for manufacturing of goods while innet income other administrative expenses are also deducted but eventhen net income may be high if company has other income which isnot related to specific business related ( Full Answer )

What is the Gross Domestic Income or GDI?

The Gross Domestic Income, or GDI, is total of all income of a country, both from services and products manufactured. It is used to evaluate economic activity based on income.

What is best definition of gross income?

Gross income is the money you earn before taxes and nationalinsurance has been deducted. Once deducted, you are left with a netincome.