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Is guerrilla warfare still evident today?


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February 20, 2011 2:36AM

Though guerrilla warfare is not the same as it was during the American Revolutionary War, it does still have a place in modern conflicts. For any group fighting a highly advanced force or a far larger opponent, guerrilla warfare is still a viable tactic. A very common example of this fighting style in the present day would be ongoing war between the United States and terrorist cells in the middle east. With the advanced weaponry, manpower, and combat intelligence of an organized military group, the United States has an advantage in nearly every category. However, the current war on terror has been so greatly prolonged because the extremists have a few strengths. The knowledge of terrain has always been an advantage for groups utilizing guerrilla warfare. While understanding the terrain, these groups may also have the support of the non-militant public of the nation at war. Finally, most groups taking part in this practice need not execute a tangible victory over their opponent, they need only to outlast their enemies, that is hold out until foreign aid is presented or the opponent gives up on the cause.