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Even though I'm not a dentist, I know the answer. It is necessary because the braces pull on the teeth causing the gums to recede which will in time need to be fixed by gum grafting. So yeah, it is appropriate. I had braces and about 5 months after I got them my gums started to recede. If she is scared, then tell her not to be, because they will numb her mouth all over. And it only feels like ten minutes when she will be in there. So I suggest go and have it done, because if not there could be more than receding gums in the future. I am a 24 year old female and I have receding gums on almost all of my teeth. I just had gum grafting done on the top right side of my mouth and my periodontist told me that if I hadn't had the procedure done I would've lost all of my teeth. The receding for me is heredity, my father had periodontist so bad that he had to have dentures at the age of 28. My daugher had gum grafting procedure when she was 10 yrs. old prior to braces. Her teeth and gums look fantastic now as a teenager but the procedure was difficult for her and she didn't follow doctors procedures as far as really taking it easy for a week after surgery and had a few complications. My advice is ask your orthodontist or periodontist if you can wait til the child is a little older. Sometimes teeth are so misaligned that they cause a trauma towards the gum, often expressed as gum recession.

If the gum recession is advanced, it is recommended to do a gum graft. This is rare for children but can still occur.

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Q: Is gum-grafting appropriate for a child who needs braces?
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