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Q: Is guy Johnson Maya angelous' son?
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Who is the father of guy johnson Maya Angelous son?

mr freeman

Is Maya angelous son dead?


What is the sexual orientation of Guy Johnson?

Guy Johnson, son of Maya Angelou, is straight.

Who is Maya Angelou's son's name?

Guy Johnson

Does Maya Angelou have a son and a daughter?

No. Maya Angelou only has a son, born Clyde Johnson, who later changed his name to Guy Johnson.

Who Clyde bailey ''guy'' Johnson?

Maya angelou's son

Guy Johnson Maya Angelou son?

what is his full name That is his full name Guy lee Johnson

What is Maya angelou's son named?

Clyde (Guy) Angelou

When did Maya have her first child?

She had her son, Clyde Bailey "Guy" Johnson, at age 16.

Any information about Maya Angelou family?

Daughter of Bailey and Vivian Baxter Johnson her son Guy Johnson

Is Maya Angelou's son Guy Johnson still alive?

No, he died after a series of strokes in 2000.

Is Guy Johnson Maya Angelou's son still alive?

No, he died after a series of strokes in 2000.