Is hair dying allowed for men in Islam?

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September 18, 2015 2:08PM

The color BLACK is strictly forbidden in Islam and is known from the blessed Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In addition to this, the scholars of this age have prohibited the usage of colors which would resemble the non- Muslims if used, and this (imitating the non Muslims) is forbidden in Islam. Using colors like green and pink to dye one's hair would resemble the so called 'punk' people.

The prophet said, " The best thing which to change the grey hair are henna and katam (a similar kind of plant to henna used as a dye).

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Islam is not so strict a religion as many scholars have made it. If you color your hair black to hide your age or deceive others for marriage or some other bad purpose, it is not permitted. Deceiving people by any means is a sin. But there is no harm if a woman dyes her hair to look beautiful and attractive to her husband, it is good.

During Jihad (holy war), the aged soldiers should dye their hair black to look strong to their eyes. Hazrat Abu Bakr used to dye his hair on each Friday during his old age. On the occasion of the fall of Mecca to the Muslims, Hazrat Abu Bakr brought his elderly blind father in the holy presence of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The holy Prophet (SAW) advised him to dye his white hair.