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Is hartley oscillator is better than colpitt oscillator?

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Colpitt oscillator is better than hartley because colpitt produces less phase noise and uses capacitor instead of inductor as used in hartley oscillator which means that area is also saved.

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No because hartley uses inductors which are bulky and economically not feasible to obtain tuning inductors as compared to colpitt's which uses capacitors which are relatively very cheap and small.

Colpitts oscllators are preferred because the 'tap' can be set by fixed capacitors, while in a Hartley oscillator the coil is tapped.

advantages over what? Colpitts? Mostly the fact that it does not require a choke. A Hartley is more harmonic-rich than a Colpitts, so the main reason it is used lies in its (relative) ease of construction.

clapp oscillator have frequency more stable and accurate than colpitts oscillator.

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Piezo-electric quartz crystals are used to define the frequency in a crystal-controlled oscillator. Quartz is a hard material that tends to oscillate mechanically at a high frequency (up to about 20 MHz) when maintained by the maintaining amplifier. The signal produced is far more stable and predictable than an L-C oscillator, especially when the crystal is placed in a dedicated oven with a controlled temperature.

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the Colpitts oscillator , named after the inventor of the circuit , is characterised by the use of Two Capacitors in series which are then connected in parallel across the inductor of the resonant circuit for obtaining the required frequency. The junction of the two capacitors is used for the positive feedback used for generating the oscillations. This circuit is used for High frequency oscillators , mainly due to ease of obtaining required ratio of the two capacitor values as per the circuit design. Also the two capacitors in series reduces their total equivalent value , which is not a problem as in HF circuits as the values and size is comparatively low. For information , a corresponding Low frequency circuit is called a Hartley oscillator , also named after its inventor. This uses a tapped inductor & one capacitor for the resonant circuit, since it is more easier to fabricate large value tapped inductors , than to use two bulky ( since the value of capacitors in series is reduced ) capacitors necessary for the equivalent Colpitts oscillator.

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