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It might be a cyst over the ovaries? If it's just your left side or right. I had a cyst over my ovaries. I had some test done. Talk to your doctor. It might be causing the pain. If the cyst is is bigger than a qurter. The doctors can get rid of it. My cyst was around the tubes. So it was harder to tell and had a laposcopy done. Before it damage my tube. Or it could be a tube pregancy. Good luck! You likely have mittelsmerz, which is what I suffer from on and off. It is a pain which occurs during ovulation, and if you have it regularly you might notice that it changes sides with each ovulation. It is a sharp pain which lasts a day or two. I had it very bad in my early 20s, and some months I would have to spend the day in bed. Now in my early 30's it is more like a little pinch which I only feel when I move. It is completely harmless, and has no treatment except for a over-the-counter pain killer. If it persists for more than a couple of days, see a doctor.

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Q: Is having sharp pains in your left ovary every couple of days a symptom of pregnancy?
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What Is The Very First pregnancy symptom?

Every one is different but for me it was fatigue.

Could pariod symptoms be pregnancy symptom?

Every woman is different. So are her experiences of pregnancy. Not every woman has the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next.

You have every symptom of pregnancy except the sore breasts does that mean you can still be pregnant?

ummm...yes...go get a pregnancy test.

Can pregnancy symptoms be different twenty years after first pregnancy?

Yes!Every pregnancy is different.While one pregnancy may come with little to no symptoms another pregnancy could come with every symptom in the book.Labor is also usually different each pregnancy.

Are the sore breasts in the earliest stages of pregnancy a result of the HCG hormone?

Yes there are. Every pregnancy symptom is a result of the HCG hormone hun.

When pregnant when does bloating start?

There is no set time for any pregnancy symptom to start nor any guarantee that you will have it. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. You could have it around 5 or 6 weeks or you could never have it.

Can you believe your pregnant when you are not?

Certainly, this is called a phantom or hysterical pregnancy. Some women will experience every symptom in the book and never actually be pregnant.

What are the symptoms in the first month of pregnancy?

There are many pregnancy symptoms that could affect you. Some women never get a single symptom, while other get every symptom known to man. Some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms are headache, morning sickness, bloating, breast tenderness, and of course, a missed period, since you're talking about the first month.

If you had complications with a pregnancy before what are the chances of having complications again?

It's really a 50/50 shot as every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. It really depends on what the complications were.

Can you have gestational diabetes with every pregnancy?

If having diabetes in pregnancy, then the chances of having gestational diabetes in the next pregnancy is high as compared to other without gestational diabetes.But many who had gestational diabetes in one pregnancy had give up baby without gestational diabetes in their next pregnancy.

If a stomach ache occasionally is your only symptom and you have had periods how likely is it that you can be pregnant?

Every person experiences different symptoms of pregnancy...the best thing to do is take a pregnancy test after you have missed your period and if it is positive then you need to confirm it with your doctor.

Do you have to feel symptoms during your first trimester?

No, it is completely normal to not get any pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester. Some women never get any pregnancy symptoms, while others get every symptom known to man.

Can you still be pregnant if pregnancy tests come out negative every time you take one?

that depends if ur having sex and then taking the pregnancy test

Are sociopaths to be written off Surely not every sociopath has every symptom?

No, not all sociopath's have every symptom, but what they do have could destroy your life and they don't care. Run...

You been nasheau for the past month and having hard time sleeping you wake up and have back pain and even backpain while you go to bed could you be pregnant?

there is always a possibility of pregnancy in every girl. But that is not a common symptom. I'm pregnant and only wake up to go pee 3 or 4 times a night. Back pain is a symptom but you get tender breasts before that.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you feel nauseous every time you eat?

It is possible yes. If you have missed a period. It could also be a symptom of something else. If you are not pregnant , see a doctor about it.

Does daily intercourse increase your chances of pregnancy?

there are only a couple days each month a female can get pregnant, but sperm can live inside for 2 or 3 days. having sex every day will increase the probability that an egg will be fertilized

Can you have chest pains in 1 or 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes and no it depends on the reactions that your body is having with the pregnancy every women has different cravings, reactions and rejections

Is it necessary to feel the symptoms of pregnancy?

No. Every pregnancy is different, and every woman experiences pregnancy different.

Is a bump under your nipple a sign of pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every women. The most common symptom regarding the breasts are swollen, sore or tender breasts which usually happens as early as 1-2 weeks after conception.

I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant but the only symptom I have is very tender breasts Shouldn't I have more symptoms?

As your doctor will tell you, every woman reacts slightly differently to pregnancy.

Can pregnancy symptoms be different in every pregnancy?

every pregnancy is different so yes. Just ask your doctor

Could you be pregnant if taking estelle 35 ed tablets which arent really to prevent pregnancy but to control acne and still have your period but have every pregnancy symptom except morning sickness?

If you haven't stopped your period, and you aren't getting morning sickness, Then WHAT are these pregnancy symptoms you say you are experiencing?

Do you have different symptoms in your third pregnancy?

You might do. You might be more tired if you have 2 other children to look after. Or you might have no symptoms at all. I had every symptom going early on with my first (one child) then had no early symptoms at all with my second pregnancy (twins). I didn't have third pregnancy but 2 were enough to show me that they are all different.

Are headaches a symptom of pregnancy?

They can be, but probably won't be the only symptom.It is indeed possible that headaches can be a symptom of pregnancy. It is quite normal to have more frequent headaches as your body changes in the first trimester. There are several good research sites with this information on it if you search them out or ask.They can be, but they probably won't be the only symptom.I would not consider headaches a sign of pregnancy. Headaches can be a symptom of pregnancy. There are many contributing factors to headaches, even dehydration. A missed period would be a more reliable sign.Hello,Yes they are.ANSWERHEY...I started my pregnancy with the headaches. To this day I still have them everyday or other day. It is a sign of pregnancyThere are a number of causes of headaches in early pregnancy. It can definitely be a sign. You will usually have other symptoms as well.i don't know if i am pregnant i always have headahes,vomitting and sometimes feel backpain.. every night i feel sick..Yes it is a definitely one of the pregnancy signs.Anyone can get headaches, leading to signs many problems humans have. I'm going with no. Although, headaches do occur with pregnancy, they also happen to people who have stress. Pregnancy can be stressful.