Is having sharp pains in your left ovary every couple of days a symptom of pregnancy?

It might be a cyst over the ovaries? If it's just your left side or right. I had a cyst over my ovaries. I had some test done. Talk to your doctor. It might be causing the pain. If the cyst is is bigger than a qurter. The doctors can get rid of it. My cyst was around the tubes. So it was harder to tell and had a laposcopy done. Before it damage my tube. Or it could be a tube pregancy. Good luck! You likely have mittelsmerz, which is what I suffer from on and off. It is a pain which occurs during ovulation, and if you have it regularly you might notice that it changes sides with each ovulation. It is a sharp pain which lasts a day or two. I had it very bad in my early 20s, and some months I would have to spend the day in bed. Now in my early 30's it is more like a little pinch which I only feel when I move. It is completely harmless, and has no treatment except for a over-the-counter pain killer. If it persists for more than a couple of days, see a doctor.