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It can be, but that alone doesn't sound like someone who's pregnant. You would probably have other symptoms and you would miss your period.

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Q: Is having the feeling that you want to throw up but cant a sign of pregnancy?
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You have been feeling like you are going to throw up for two days are cramping and bloated and cant really eat could you be pregnant?

It's possible ... but none of these are reliable symptoms. Try a pregnancy test, they are fairly reliable.

Can anyone help with teen pregnancy issues im having?

Teen pregnancy can be hard. I went through it myself. I dunno what kind of issues your having so i cant really answer you. more info?

How does late age affect pregnancy?

Because when girls stop having periods, they cant get pregnant any more.

If certain symptoms are normal for a person how can you know for sure if you are pregnant without using a a pregnancy test?

I'm sorry there is no way of knowing for sure, you may suspect, but without a pregnancy test you can not be positive. You may be feeling sick, sore and/or swollen breasts, urinating more often, feeling dizzy, and of course missing your period. But if you want to be sure either take a test, or vistit a doctor or sexual health clinic. Hello. You cant be sure if you are pregnant without doing a pregnancy test or by having a blood test. You can suspect you may be pregnant but you cant tell accurately without a pregnancy test. Whether it be a blood or urine test is your decision. Personally I advise a blood test as these are more accurate.

Can get pregnant if I'm not having periods?

It can and it cant really. If your period is late then it can mean a pregnancy or it could be a health prolem. Best thing to do is take a pregnancy test and if its negative then go see your doctor

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If you have PMS does that mean you have to have your period My period is 1 day late and i had PMS but does having PMS mean that i cant be pregnant?

Early pregnancy symptoms can mimic PMS, including fatigue, mood changes and breast tenderness. Cramping can accopany implantation of the embryo. Feeling these things does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a period. Wait for your period, or buy some early accuracy home pregnancy tests.

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Have been told that it cant affect a pregnancy test

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