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take a pregnancy test, your stomach could feel different for lots of reasons

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Q: Is having your stomach feel hard a sign of pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have a swollen and hard stomach in early pregnancy?

It is normal to feel bloated in early pregnancy.

Is a hard abdomen and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

During the second or third month of a womans pregnancy it is possible for her abdomen and lower stomach to appear bloated and feel hard. But this symptom alone is not a pregnancy symptom. I would not suspect pregnancy unless you are having other pregnancy symptoms too. Also see your doctor about your hard abdomen in case this is not pregnancy related. Good luck.

Is the stomach hardening a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, when you're pregnant and your womb grows, it can apply pressure on your stomach making it feel hard.

Can your stomach feel a little hard the first 1 2 week in pregnancy?

No it will take about a month or two

Can pregnancy symptom?

hard stomach

Why does your stomach feel hard during pregnancy?

To counteract the baby's shifting, movement, and pushing against the skin to try to get out.

Can your stomach feel a little hard the first 1-2week in pregnancy?

Nope at least 8-9 weeks

Can you be pregnant and take a pregnancy test and it say no?

It will depend if your stomach is hard and you feel all the signs butyou may have a false pregnancy test also

Is lower stomach pain and stomach is hard this sign of pregnancy?

The lower stomach pain might indicate that you are going to be due your period. The ''stomach going hard'' however may not be a sign of pregnancy - It does also depends on how long ago you had sexual intercourse and you may feel your stomach has grown. It begins to show after A month or Two.

Is it normal to have a hard stomach in early pregnancy?


What part of your stomach gets hard first in pregnancy?

the bottom of stomach

Can your stomach get hard during the first month of pregnancy?


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