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Is health insurance and medical insurance the same definition?


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I believe Health Insurance is for personal use and Medical Insurance is for a Medical company e.g. Surgery Insurance, Income Insurance.

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They're basically the same thing. Health insurance is an insurance plan that pays medical bills.

Technically, there is no difference between medical insurance and health insurance.Even they are called mediclaim insurance policy,leading to the same ocean !

Yes. This type of insurance is called Expatriate Medical Insurance. This insurance is also called Global Expatriate Medical Insurance. However, you may find that the host country has its own form of health care. This type of plan offers the same medical care you would get in you home country.

Health insurance is a system by which some or all of a person's health care costs are covered by an insurance company in exhange for regular payments. Senior citizens need health insurance for the same reasons everyone else does; they have health problems and need some help paying for medical care.

You can get traveler's health insurance or international medical insurance from your regular insurance company if they offer it.Depending on your current plan, it may already be included, or you may even get a discount.

I work at a large health insurance provider and in Canada, yes you can.

"If you already have extended health or medical insurance, you might already be covered for traveling. If not, buying travel insurance with the same company should have additional savings."

A private health insurance plan is one that you pay for yourself and covers you and your family. It is possible to have health insurance through your employer and private insurance at the same time.

The medical definition of lipoatrophy is that it is an allergic reaction to insulin that is manifested as a loss in the subcutaneous fat layer. Aside from the medical definition this is the same definition that the non-medical community would also use.

You can find health insurance from a pet cat through insurance companies such as ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Another insurance company in the same sector is Pets Best.

If you have coverage on your auto insurance policy that pays medical expenses to you or to the hospital, the answer is yes that you do have to reimburse your health care provider. The health insurance policy states that they will pay for expenses incurred in an auto accident over and above any coverage you may have on your auto insurance. You agreed to this in your policy by taking out the policy, so you have no choice. It is actually illegal for you to pocket money you received in duplicate payment for the same expenses, which is what this would be.

personal injury protection coverage. A+

Hi Most health insurance providers sell policies online. Infact buying health insurance policy online is the most convenient and rational way to purchase health insurance. When you buy online health insurance you have the liberty to compare policies of same as well as different health insurance providers and then accordingly make an informed decision.

Health insurance costs a lot, but it will cost even more if you don't have insurance. Medical bills can be very expensive, don't get caught without insurance in an emmergency. Before you settle, compare providers. Make sure you know what options are available to you so that you get the best deal for your needs. Not all health insurance plans are the same, so make sure you get something that suits your needs.

No. You will only get "insurance" from an insurance company.

I'm not too sure. But I doubt that it would. You would have to contact your insurance company for further information, as I have no clue which insurance you would have.

There is no difference. These are just two different terms referring to the same thing.

Medical insurance will not pay for marriage counseling, as there is no medical dianostic code for treatment and marriage counseling is not considered "medically necessary." There must be a medical diagnosis identified for any treatment to be covered by insurance (same as with medical conditions).

Health & Medical Insurance are same and cover the eventuality in case one gets ill and needs a major surgery/treatment/hospitalization. Life Insurance on the other hand, covers the eventuality of death, where the sum assured goes to the Nominee. The money would be handy for the dependents in case of your untimely death. Why Don't you ask the same query from good insurance agency who will not only clear your doubts but suggest some affordable plans. I will suggest you to buy the consultancy or services from Rais Insurance.

Kaiser Permanente is an insurance broker selling medical insurance or health insurance, as well as medical services. KP offers services through its individual hospitals, as well as its doctors and physicians that may operate outside of those hospitals. Most medical services offered by KP are the same as those offered by other medical organizations, including X-Rays, physical examination, routine checkups, and surgical procedures.

any thing can happen so you want to be prepared what if you got into a car accident you don't want to be a fool and not have health insurance Health insurance really important to have you hardly her "I don't have health insurance" right like who says that? Now think why do people have health insurance if that doesn't help think of other insurance their all similar in same ways.

It does. Beginning June 26, 2013, same-sex spouses of active service members are eligible for health insurance.

If the child is under age 18, then the parent is responsible for her medical bills. That is not the same as being responsible for providing her health insurance. At this point, (2013), there is not a requirement to have health insurance. If the child is age 18 or older, then the parent is not responsible for her bills. The hospital or physician's office may try to involve you, and encourage you to help her, but legally, the parent would not have the responsibility.

National health insurance is a system utilized by many countries in the world including Canada, South Africa, and most of Europe. This type of coverage insures that all citizens of the country have guaranteed health coverage, and all are afforded with the same coverages and benefits regardless of race, age, weight, medical history, etc.

Health Shield Online is a comprehensive Health Insurance package specially designed to offer complete protection to the insured and his family. You can cover your spouse, children (above 90 days) and dependent parents (up to 60 years) from all Health worries. However, renewal is accepted up to 70 years.Family Health Insurance offers the same benefits tooHealth Shield Online and Family Health Insurance are the same product with different names.

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