Is heat a fluid like water?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Heat is energy so no.


Heat was originally thought to be a "calorific fluid" that flowed from hot locations into cold bodies or objects. This "caloric theory" is obsolete. We now know heat is an expression of the movement of atoms and molecules in a substance.

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Q: Is heat a fluid like water?
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Which fluid is introduced first in heat exchange?

Since the question is about heat exchange, I assume it is a man made. The first form of heat exchange is cooking. The first fluid is then water.

What is convection transfered through?

Convection is heat transfer by mass motion of a fluid such as air or water when the heated fluid is caused to move away from the source of heat, carrying energy with it.

What is the transfer of heat through the motion of fluids such a water or air is known as?

fluid thermodynamics?

The transfer of heat by fluid?

The transfer of heat by fluid is convection.

What is a word that is like water?

fluid. liquid.

Can you heat the water in satellite?

Yes. Just like astronauts can heat air in a satellite you can heat and boil water.

What is the purpose of a heat exchanger in a cooling system water?

Similar function to a car radiator or an air conditioning condenser. The heat from the fluid is pressurized to build up heat. As it passes through the heat exchanger, the heat from the heated fluid is exhanged to the ambient air which passes through the cooling fins.

What fluid instead of water can be used as a heat transfer in domestic heating system?

Liquid sodium

What is water used in heating systems for?

As the pumped fluid carrying heat form the boiler to the radiators.

How many feet of 2 12 sch 10 stainless steel tubing is required to heat 39200 gallons of water from 90 degrees to 180 degrees?

The answer depends on a) what the entry temperature of the fluid is on the inside of the tubing b) what the actual fluid is inside the tube like water or air or molten metal or heated mercury or molten sulpher c) what the flow rate is of the fluid in the tubing d) what are the surface areas of the inside and outside of the tubing e) what the flow rate of the water is relative to the tubing f) whether or not the water is flowing parallel with or perpendicular to the tubing or flowing at all g) whether or not the water has impurities in it like salt or chlorine for example h) how fast you want the temperature to go from 90 to 180 degrees i) how fast the water is loosing heat in other areas away from the tubing j) whether or not other heat sources are adding heat to the water like sunlight k)

What items change shape by heat?

If the heat in question is approaching the object-in-question's melting point, the object will become more and more fluid-like the further up to, and past, its melting point the temperature goes.

How does water heat in a domestic solar hot water system?

Water, usually with a few chemicals in it like chlorine and antifreeze goes to panels with the same layout as a radiator in a car. Some are long tubes suspended in long troughs that have a mirror coating. Concentrating the sunlight on the liquid. Some are double glass panels with the fluid flowing between them. The suns rays heat the liquid and it returns to a heat exchanger in your hot water tank. The fluid could be used in your homes heating system directly if the chemistry is not a problem with the pipes and valves.