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Is heaven capitalized?


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October 30, 2009 8:06AM

I dont think anyone can say what heaven is like, all we can go from is what it says in the Bible and capitalisim doesnt come into it lol.

It should be a place of rest, peace and love, no pain or suffering, no-one betters each other, I doubt very much there will be any money! Money causes war, greed and a whole lot of other annoying complecated things that could be easily avoided.

I dont think we should should worry too much on what it will be like in heaven, just concentrate on the life you are living now,are you helping as many people as you can ?

Just try and live a great life on earth for God :)


The question is asking if the H in heaven is capitalized. Not if there is money in heaven. This issue is dependent upon how you view the subject. If you use it as a lowercase it refers it to being just a location, such as, home, school, mall, theater, concert hall, and tavern, that are broad generalizations that are not anywhere in specific. To refer to it as Heaven, is calling it a specific place that is formally identified, such as, I am moving to the West, I think I will visit Idaho or Oregon, France is a country, etc.