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No, Heavy bleeding after a late or missed period could be a sign of a miscarriage. But chances are if you are experiencing Heavy bleeding you are not, or are no longer pregnant.

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Q: Is heavy bleeding a sign of pregnancy?
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Could heavy bleeding during and after sex be a sign of pregnancy?


Is bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

Yes bleeding is a sign of pregnancy if it is implantation bleeding

Is bleeding in the 7th week of pregnancy normal?

No it is not,most of time bleeding around that time, heavy bleeding is due to miscarriage. Spotting is normal, bleeding is a sign of miscarriage.

If your period came a couple days early and the blood is bright red could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Hello - Heavy bleeding I would say is not a sign of pregnancy. Light bleeding or abnormal flow period for you (not including dates period arrived) can be a sign of pregnancy. Do a test in two weeks.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your period is heavy and early?

no Hello there. Usually heavy bleeding is not associated with pregnancy. Because of this I would think the possibility of pregnancy being unlikely. But do a pregnancy test to be certain and see your doctor for a blood test. Take care.

You took a pregnancy test and it came back positive but you have slight bleeding did you have a miscairage?

Slight bleeding is common during early pregnancy. If the bleeding becomes very heavy or you experience abdominal cramping then this is a sign of a miscarriage. See your doctor for confirmation of the pregnancy via a blood test.

Are bleeding and cramps early pregnancy sign?

No They are not signs of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you have been on the birth control Implanon and have been on your period for a month and half with very light spotting and somewhat heavy bleeding with cramping at times?

Signs of pregnancy on the implant are lack of bleeding and positive pregnancy test. Irregular bleeding on the implant is a side effect, and not a sign of pregnancy.

Is light pink bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

no its a sign of the devils witchery

Can you have heavy bleeding at the beginning of your pergnacy?

Many people do experience "spotting" at the beginning of their pregnancy. However, although it is common, it is not a "normal" sign of a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, I would consult your GYN.

Can spotting during early pregnancy be heavy?

No, any heavy bleeding during pregnancy needs to be reported to your health care provider.

Can you have your period throughout your pregnancy?

You can have light bleeding a spotting during early pregnancy but heavy, normal bleeding exactly like a period is unlikely.

Can you have heavy vaginal bleeding and still be pregnant?

You cannot be in the early stages of pregnancy and have heavy vaginal bleeding, unless you are having a threatened miscarriage. In this case you need to confirm your pregnancy and see your Doctor.

Could vaginal bleeding during pregnancy be mildly painful?

Mildly painful, yes. No worse than period cramps is healthy. Could be your expandung uterus. How heavy is your bleedin? Heavy bleeding accompanied by lots of pain may be a sign of a miscarriage.

If your cycles are always regular what might cause a late period that has light bleeding but heavy cramping?

This could be signs of an infection or sign of early pregnancy

Does pregnancy symptoms disappear if having a miscarriage?

Yes, They do. For example tenderness in breast is reduced, sign that you had a miscarriage as well as heavy bleeding n cramping.

If there is heavy bleeding during the first trimester and a couple of days later it stopped but there was still brownish spotting with abdominal cramping is there a chance for a miscarriage?

Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Heavy bleeding is a sign of miscarriage, but you have to see a doctor to be sure and to be checked for your health, as well.

Is heavy breast a sign of pregnancy?


Is bleeding common at 2 weeks pregnancy?

It is common to have 'spotting' (light bleeding) in early pregnancy. If it becomes heavy and painful, go to hospital quickly

Is cramping and slight bleeding an early sign of pregnancy?


Can irregular bleeding on the pill increase your chance of pregnancy?

If you used the birth control pill as directed, bleeding is not a sign that it's not working. There is no additional risk of pregnancy while bleeding.

Is bleeding on Depo-Provera a sign of pregnancy?

Bleeding on Depo Provera is a side effect of the medication, not a sign of pregnancy. If you are having nausea, breast tenderness, and fatigue, take a pregnancy test. If you were late for your last shot, take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy on Depo Provera is possible, but unlikely.

Could heavy bleeding also be a sign of pregnancy?

It could signal alot of things-pregnancy, misscarriage, endometreosis....more info-are you late? If so, how late? Are you having any pains?? I don't think that heavy bleeding is a sign of pregnancy. Answer Period while pregnant you can have a period a normal period while pregnant and not though till a few months your period stops or when you go into labour. From Pink Princess

Is it true to get vaginal bleeding while you have the IUD and be pregnant?

Pregnancy on the IUD is unusual. Bleeding with the IUD is not a special sign of pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Are bleeding and cramping symptoms of conception?

Bleeding isn't but spotting. If it is heavy, it is unlikely that it is the sign of implantation.

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