Is high credit card debt or a high car loan more detrimental to your credit score?

Both are equally as bad. Credit Cards more so. Is easier to get things if creditors see your paying on one "big" thing. Where as it looks like you do not have control over your spending with High credit card debt.

You have to be a little more specific with your question. Credit scores are computed using sophisticated computer alogarithms. But basically they look at the ratio of your credit card limit to how much debt you have actually used on each card. For example, if you have a $1000.00 limit on a card and you have used $900.00 of it, that will have more of a negative effect on your score than if you were only using $500.00 of the available credit. If you have multiple cards then the total of all is considered. With auto loans, it is different. The most important score determining factor is whether you've been making the payments on time.