Is hip hop a type of jazz?

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Q: Is hip hop a type of jazz?
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Is jazz like hip hop?

jazz is adiff. story from hip hop .jazz is about sorrows and hip hop is like a ghetto or let me put it this way um more of a joyful and crazy type of music

What type of dance is in Cinderella story?

hip hop/jazz

What is the similarities between jazz and hip hop dance?

if jazz is waltz then they have a lot in simalar but you tell me is jazz hip hop

What type of music does Italy have?

Opera , rock, hip hop, folk, and jazz

How did jazz influence the hip hop culture?

A lot of hip hop artists use/have used jazz and funk-influenced beats, and scat singing had an impact on the vocal style of hip hop. The laid back, mellow feel of jazz is echoed in hip hop. Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis' final album had a hip hop vibe to it and was possibly one of the first instances of jazz and hip hop meeting. Rap/hip hop is mainly an evolution of jazz, just as funk was an evolution of hard bop, and be bop was an evolution of swing.

Is jazz like hip hop or ballet?

It's neither. Jazz is jazz.

What is the difference between jazz dance and hip hop?

Jazz dancing is stricter in form and much more structured compared to hip hop dancing. The moves in jazz dancing are sassy and slow compared to the upbeat moves of hip hop.

Where have you been by Rihanna is that jazz or hip hop?

Rhianna is NOT a jazz singer.

What dance intensify the speed of the human heart beat Jazz Hip-Hop or Latin?

Hip hop or latin.... in hip hop you have to jump around alot and latin is super sexy but jazz is laid back.

Is jazz better than hip hop?

it is not better

What is jazz funk dance?

Funk jazz is just like jazz but with a combinition of hip hop

What type of music genres are there?

hip hop rnb pop country jazz rock techno reggae

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