Is hitting with a super light bat counterproductive?


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Years ago it was thought that with a heaver bat you could generate more power to hit home runs. Today Ballplayers use lighter bats to generate bat speed which is proven to be more productive to hit the ball harder.

A "super Light" Baseball bat could be counter productive because it might alter the hitters natural swing. Timing could be effected depending on the hitter strength causing the bat head to be too out in front. If the bat is too light it might also be harder to control the bat through the hitting zone when coming in contact with the ball. -Steven KeyMan

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using a light bat wont be challenging to yourself. coaches advice their players to use a heavier bat to increase upper body strengh.

plastic , designed to be very light for hitting with a pingpong bat It is made of plastic

by hitting it with a bat!!

You use a base ball bat for hitting

A corked bat might help with hitting the ball a bit but because the mass of a corked bat is different then to a wooden bat that you would be hitting it with less mass witch means you won't be hitting that much home runs form a corked bat. plus the corked bat is illegal to use in professional baseball in America. so if you wanted more home runs don't use the corked bat.

A big bat is a player in the game of baseball who specializes in hitting home runs.

Not necessarily the brand but the quality of the bat. Most name brands make an excellent bat.

Yes the heaver the bat the farther the ball will go.You be welcome.

they will be sent back to the dugout or disqulified if used the bat

a baseball bat use it`s hittig skills when on a game or on a fight.

Go to a hitting coach! You have to learn from teaching.

Swing it in live batting practice. Just hitting of a tee will help, but you will never know for sure until you hit live pitching. But definitely try it out in practice, not in a game. Hitting live pitching will let you know if you can swing the bat and hit a fastball, but still hold up and hit a curveball or changeup. You want to be able to have good bat speed, but a bat too light will not provide much power.

the best bat for power hitting would be a slightly heavier then average bat with a nice big barrel and ideally maple, none of this matters though if the bat is not the correct length or weight so make sure you view a sizing chart, hope this helped best of luck hitting some homers! p.s my favourite is the marucci JB19 maple bat (Jose Bautista)

The word bat has many synonyms in the English language. Bat is a verb, and also describes two nouns. One noun is bat the animal. Another noun in bat, the hitting equipment.

To prevent the ball from hitting the wicket by striking it with the bat.

In cricket, a backlift is the lifting of the bat in preparation for hitting the ball.

When the ball hits the bat then the ball feels as much force as the bat does hitting the ball

No you can't.It would be considered a foul if youbrought the bat with youbecause you could hit someone or something if you took the bat with you.ByeNot correct. In MLB there is no rule against carrying a bat after hitting the ball, only against using it to interfere with fielders or a ball in play. Carrying it after hitting a home run would be an offense against good sportmanship but not a violation of the rules.

Softball bats are designed to hit softballs. Hitting a baseball with a softball bat may damage the bat. Either hit a softball or get a baseball bat if you do not want to risk damaging your bat.

A bat hitting a baseball is an example of an action force.

Hitting a ball with batwalking on the ground

Steroids. Hitting it farther. Etc. Hitting it on the barrel of the bat, swinging hard, etc. Sources ; Common sense

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