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In most cases the association is responsible for mantaining the roof and structure. It should the the association's insurance problem.

2005-05-24 01:22:14
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If you have pre-existing water leakage from your toilet in your condo and it has ruined the ceiling of the person belowIf you get condo insurance now will it be covered since its already a pre-existin?

Homeowners Insurance Policies always exclude preexisting un-repaired damage.

If a leaking shower in an upstairs condo apartment causes damage and leakage in the ceiling in the apartment below who is responsible for repairs?

You should check on the laws in your area. In some regions, neither is responsible and your respective insurance companies pay for your own repairs. In others, the condo owner's insurance company above is repsonsible for paying. There may be a way to claim from the condo owner themselves.

Are plumbing pipes allowed over ceiling of cath lab?

No. Try to avoid plumbing line in ceiling . If at all there is a leakage then it disturbs the lab.

What is mold caused by?

Mould is mostly caused by humidity or leakage. For example, if you have mould on your ceiling, you should check if your roof isn't leaking.

What are the named perils in an insurance policy?

fire, explosion, windstorm, hurricane, hail, smoke, riots, vandalism and sprinkler leakage

How do say 'leakage' in Arabic?

Leakage : tassarrob written as : تسرب

What is economic leakage?

what is economic leakage

Why do you have variation in leakage reactance of induction motor?

leakage reactance in induction motor depends on the reluctance of the path in which the leakage flux is establishing. with the increase in stator current the leakage flux also increases but it cannot maintain linear relationship because of saturation of the leakage flux path, even though current is increasing the flux will not increase and it'll be constant after saturation. this leakage flux links with the stator winding and induces emf which will be opposite to the supply voltage causes drop in applied voltage , the drop in the applied voltage is represented with the leakage reactance. as flux is responsible for the induction of emf , the increase in current does not increase flux after saturation and therefore emf also doesnot increase so the leakage reactance is not constant throughout the machine operation...

Stoma since colorectal cancer - and leakage - can is be anastomotic leakage?

yes anastomotic leakage

What is the spelling of leakage?

You have it spelled correctly. It's leakage.

What is DC leakage capacitor?

when the DC current flows through the capacitor .the leakage of the charges is in capacitor called Dc leakage capacitor .

What is leakage in plural form?

The plural form for the noun leakage is leakages.

What can I do about my basement ceiling that became wet after my toilet leaked into my basement?

Possibly, you should cut a hole into the ceiling and let the remaining water out. If it all dries out (use fans or other ventilation), then you just need to repair the hole. Use kilz under the paint to cover the marks caused by the leakage. If the water was not clean, it might be best to remove the wet ceiling and replace the wallboard so that you do not develop mold or other problems.

What is seat leakage test in safety valves?

Seat leakage is defined as leakage that is internal to a valve-between the inlet and outlet sides of the valve-when the valve is in its closed position. It is not limited to leakage across the valve seat, but also encompasses all leakage across the valve trim when the valve is in the closed position. Leakage across internal trim seals, such as piston rings, and across trim-to-body seals, such as gaskets, can be counted as seat leakage. It is important to note that, while leakage through valve stem packing is of growing concern in the industry, governing industry standards address this type of leakage separately and do not consider it to be a form of seat leakage.

When was the Union Carbide gas leakage?

The union gas leakage held in 1984

When configured properly what can avoid data leakage?

A firewall can avoid data leakage.

How do you test leakage on equipment?

by measuring the insulation resistance then by usig the formula for finding leakage current leakage current =voltage applied /resistance measured by megger.

How do you replace DH-R25 windows?

Who in Brazoria County/Harris County can replace DH-R25 Windows or repair. Leakage. Do you have any info on whether insurance will help?

Can I get Septic field insurance?

I am not familiar with this particular coverage, but that doesn't mean that it's not available somewhere! I would first ask your current agent if they offer an endorsement for your homeowners policy, or a separate policy for purchase. You may also want to review the warranty for your septic tank, to see if it covers any sort of below ground leakage. I also recommend doing an internet search for "septic field insurance". I googled the phrase and came up with a few resources that you may want to investigate. The Powderhorn agency insures oil tanks and septic systems: I am not sure how good they are, but the do provide insurance.

How do you stop water leakage in sump?

For sump leakage its a mainly damage of cement plasting or crack of sump wall we can use water Prof pint and avoid the water leakage in sump

What is the source of leakage current in a transistor?

The current of the minority charges (collector region) is the source of the leakage current. At higher temperature, this leakage current increases due to increase in thermal energy.

What is leakage problem in battery?

1. Electrolyte leakage by corrosion of package, not good packing 2. Electricity leakage by electronic conduction through separators, intended for preventing such leakage and permit only battery outside conduction caused by protrusions that wound the separators which are very thin

What rhymes with leakage?


What is the Transformer about?

leakage rfactance

What is leakage resistance?

leakage resistance of a resister is type of fault which occurs at a specific voltage across the resister which are undertesting.