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Homeschooling vs. Public SchoolsHere are some opinions on this controversial question:
  • I think that homeschooling is better than public schools because at homeschooling the kids do not get picked out in class as the best kid of the class or get made fun of by other kids at school and they get more help at home than they do at school on work.
  • I think homeschooling is better than public schooling because you learn more when you are by yourself with your own teacher. You do not have to think about if you can wear something or not because some one might make fun of you. You can be you own person.
  • I think public school is better because teachers are more trained and you meet more friends and you won't be bored.
  • Homeschool is not the best way for children to get an education. I am a teacher for an elementry school and I think that its impotant for children to go to a public/private school. They learn more, meet more friends, and most of the time won't act up in class. Your children/child is more likely to pay attention at public/private schools because they don't see the teachers 24/7 and normally show respect for their teachers.
  • Teachers have a responsibility to be informed before their opinion is forced on children. Research the grades, test scores, comparisons and college stats before informing some unwitting soul that public school is better. My children have been allowed to learn at their own pace and pursue their own interests and now test well above their grade levels and the national averages across the board. Most homeschoolers do as well. They score an average of one grade level higher than P.S. students their age on national scholastic achievement tests, They watch 65% less TV than P.S. children, and are more involved in community and extra curricular activities. 98% of homeschoolers are involved in two or more organized outside activities (such as sports, music, dance etc.) They are allowed to gain moral values from their home and not the children they sit with in the crowed cafeteria so are 50 times less likely to get pregnant before marriage, 35 times less likely to have an alcohol-related incident before the age of 21 and 46 times less likely to try illegal drugs. The proof is in the pudding. s to this question should not be considered when coming from someone whose paychecks depend on the decision NOT to homeschool your children.
  • Homeschooling is obviously gonna have better statistics because the parents that are involved with their kids more influence their kids in a good direction. I am public schooled, and I would not do homeschooling if my life depended on it (well maybe then, nothing short of it). If your parents are strong enough and involved enough to consider homeschooling, then those statistics will remain true for you. Everyone is different but if you start in public schools then you will make frineds along the way, as compared to some who started in high school, it's harder than. It also depends on what school you are going to attend becasue obviously some are better than others. But one person on here said that their child scores above average, well so did I, and many other people I know. That is because people I know and myself score high, which would be your child if they went to public schools. And then people that are not smart who's parents are not as involved score low, and then that makes the average. Therefore, parents who are involved is the answer not homeschooling versus public schooling.
  • There is not a correct answer to this question. A question that could be answered is: "Is homeschooling better for my child?" The overwhelming confounding variable is parent interest and involvement. Parents choosing home-based instruction have an informed interest in the education of their child, more interaction, more influence. If you were to compare the home schooled students with only public school students with the same level of parental involvement, the statistics would be very different. In a comparison of means, public school will always lose, because they educate every child.
  • I'm 14 and homeschooled. Homeschooling is way better then public schools. Even popular children get picked on, you may think "Oh, my child doesn't get bullied", but they do, I had to get out of school, I was having suicidal thoughts and everything. I'm not saying it's right for everyone, but you're wrong to say that public schooling is better. It's proven to be worse for a child.
  • I am 15 and had been homeschooled up until 9th grade, where i decided to try public school. I went and at first it was ok, not anything wonderful that for sure. I felt like in order for anyone to like me I had to act and dress the way everyone else was, I thought i had to be super skinny, so i stopped eating. Well now I am a sophmore and here I am back at home. What really made me decide to come back home was my teachers. Out of all my 9 teachers, I had 1 that was fairly good. All my teachers let me slack off, always saying oh well its fine you can turn it in later, and then eventually not at all. My science teachers (science is my best subject), they had no idea what they were doing. Its kinda sad when the student knows a lot more than the teacher. Therefore homeschooling gives a much better education, and anyone who says otherwise really doesnt know what they are talking about. In school you don't get the one-on-one with the teacher. At home you don't need to worry about looking right, and being popular. So take my word for it i would choose homeschooling over public and private school anyday.
  • What and how teaching is delivered is much more important than the choice of home or school.
  • Wow! So many answers and opinions. I think it mostly depends on your child and how they learn. I'm 13 and I've been home-schooled, public-schooled, and private schooled. Plus a little unschooling. My favorites have been private school and homeschooling; I have learned better this way and have had more fun and friends. I know I'd much rather be home-schooled but obviously that's not an option for everyone. I think there are a lot of things that need to be worked on in public schools to make them better.
  • The problems that exist for children in public schools also exist for them in homeschool. I would highly discourage homeschooling unless you are willing to become a full time teacher. Once you homeschool your kids you place a strain on your relationship, this is especially important to consider for kids 10 or so and older, as they go through puberty. You are then completely responsible for their educational opportunities, or lack there of. If you are going to successfully homeschool your kids you need to be plugged into the educational system. You need to find a homeschool group or co-op, you need to find their curriculum, you need to initiate everything. If you homeschool and you aren't incredibly active, your kids will suffer. Yes, homeschooling can be done successfully, but it can also be as bad for kids as any public or private school experience. Many homeschool kids will never feel "normal" homeschooling, while a growing movement is still eccentric (although this is much less of an issue if there are many other kids like them also homeschooling, this was not the case in my experience) Is it better? NO. The optimum is for parents to pay attention their individual child's needs. In most cases it would be best for kids to go to school and have parental involvement, they get so many things from that common experience that they can't get from you. But you need to be involved in their lives, and their schools! Parental involvement is the best thing for kids education. Sending kids to school doesn't mean checking out of their educational lives, but rather it gives you more time to devote to enriching your kid's life!
  • I'm a 14 year old homeschooler of California. Homeschooling has done more for me then anything so far. I'm more mature then the average 14 year old. My relationship with my family is one I like. I spend hours with my brothers just talking about random stuff. I can talk to my parents about what bothers me about them and they'll take it into consideration instead of just throwing it away. When I was in school, I was bullied on, laughed at, confused beyond what I thought was possible, and I just did not fit in. And this is only elementary school, mind you. If I was feeling like that then, think of how badly it would've been for me when I got into Junior High or High School. Homeschooling is more beneficial than a public school. I have no doubt about that. Put one home schooler among a crowd of public schoolers their age and see the differences. Any public school teachers on this board, if you think home schooling is not good for the kids of the world, I think you need to back it up some. All you have have to go on is the fact that if we don't go to school, you don't get paid and niether does your school.
  • I just finished reading all of the answers and was pretty shocked by some of the opinions. I am currently a Junior in High School and was previously homeschooled up until know. The transition was completely smooth, and before I had ever set foot in a school I had interacted with college students. Homeschooling does NOT mean you can't make transitions from home to school to college or work. If you aren't a slacker you can do anything. I would never have wished to be public schooled through grade school. I would have missed a million opportunities that would never have been open to me otherwise. And for all those doubters out there that believe homeschooling doesn't work, I've been self-taught since 7th grade, and it was my idea to try public school(not overly thrilled with it) and I'm an A student on the Honor Roll!
  • I went to public schools all my life and have found that the competition helps to get better grades. You also learn fundamental lessons about life, and people need to be singled out and picked on a few times because that is the way the real world is. Yeah you will become closer to your family, but if you have no friends to start out then were will they come from. You have no outside interaction with other people so when you get around other people you have no clue how to act. You have no idea what is socially acceptable besides what you see on tv. I am all for public schools, because some of the best times of my life were in a public school, and you couldn't get any of them from the house. Yes your kids are protected, but what happens when they go to college, because you can't homeschool them anymore. What happens when mammy and daddy aren't there anymore. What will they do the first time someone calls them a name or makes fun of their hair. The only person top ever see their hair was their mom; so howe do they know what looks good, and yes you shouldn't go with the crowd, but if you don't you will be made fun of. Let your kids grow up and learn how to take it and don't shelter them all their life.
  • The advocates for home schooling are the ones that were picked on and bullied their time in school. They wanna be away from the people who ridiculed them and made them feel bad. Most of these advocates are in most cases cowards and cannot fight. I am not saying that fighting is a good thing but it does teach a kid to be confident in himself and teach to fight for what you believe in. The majority of the kids as you have read were in most cases nerds and cannot cope with their peers because they are too sensitive and cannot relate to their bashings. This I cannot say is a good thing either but ... what I have learned in school is that if the child is more worried about what another peer is saying about them then they need to stay at home and be a mommas boy.
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Q: Is homeschooling better than public schools?
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Why public schools are better than homeschooling?

One benefit of public schools is that the children have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers instead of just their siblings. Another benefit is that the education is more diverse.

Is homeschooling better than pubic schools?

I reckon that public schools are better. Although Home-schooling gives one to one tuition, a public school school also builds up a social background and life. I agree.

How is public schools better than homeschooling?

its because you build a better social skills Not all social skills. Public school is better because you can have fun, and you are prepared for the real world.

In kid's opinion is homeschooling better or public schools?

I don't know if I would be considered a kid or not, but I am in that age group, and I think homeschooling is better than pubic schools. You get more one on one time, therefore, I think, you learn more. You also get to go on field trips more and do science experiments more.

Is Homeschooling better than private schools?

Yes, you will be taught at your own pace.

Are public schools better than private schools?

Public schools are usually better than private schools because they are free and have better education. It depends on the public school.

What is the percentage of students who drop out of homeschooling?

it's much less than the pecentage that drop out of public high schools

Why is Homeschooling way better than Public School and cons of public school?

Homeschooling is better than Public schools because in homeschool, you can feel free to ask questions and be bully-free because of how people are these days. It gives you time to rest, because people need time to rest instead of getting up early in the morning, unlike in public schools you have to get up really early in the morning, some students don't even eat breakfast because they have no time to eat. But homeschool gives you time to get up whenever you want and to eat whenver you want. Hoped that helped! :)

Are online schools better than public schools or are public schools easier than online schools why?

Public schools are best because they teach social skills

Is there help with the cost of homeschooling your child?

Yes- there are some online public schools available for free, varying by state. You may need to get software for this, but it is less expensive than other homeschooling.

Are private high schools really better than public high schools?

Private High Schools tend to graduate more students than public high schools, but public high schools in rural area fare much better than public high schools in more urban areas.

Public schools better then homeschooling?

I would personally disagree with this statement. I feel homeschooling or home education is better because the learning can be tailored to the childs needs, they have more opportunities to get out into the real world than those in a school, and spend more time with family, who they already have a close bond with instead of in a hostile and unforgiving school environment.

Are traditional schools better than public schools?


Is public school better than private school?

The private schools are the best becaus the kids talk and act better than they do at public schools

Why are private schools better than public schools?

Whether or not private schools are better than public schools is a matter of opinion and depends on many factors. No doubt some private schools are better than public schools and some are not. In fact, some public schools are excellent and surpass private schools. The value of any school has to be taken on a case by case basis after examining factors like how much students are learning, how good the teachers are and other factors.Some opinions about private and public schools are:They're not. Really, public schools are better than private because it's free, and the overall education is better.Public schools have better education!

Is Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools better than public schools?

YES! much better because the education is much higher than what effort is put in public schools.

Are public schools as effective as private school?

No, private schools are much better and more effective than public schools.

Reason why public school is better than homeschooling?

Public school is better than homeschooling for some families. I am a homeschooling parent. For the most part, I think homeschooling is a great thing. Most of the families I have seen are very dedicated, do the work with the kids, take their kids out and make sure they are well socialized, and have a lot of fun. However, I have seen a family or two that don't sit down with the kids to do the work or get their kids out of the house to be around friends or are involved in social situations. In these cases, it is probably better for the child to attend regular school.

Why is public school better than homeschooling?

Certainly not all public schools are better (or worse) than all home schooling. Public schools introduce the student to the problems and benefits of interfacing with other students, perhaps preparing them for the world. But then this may have its problems too. The best we can say is that everything has its benefits and difficulties.You get to join all these cool classes, mingle with other people you don't even know... and someday that guys gonna be famous and you're gonna be too!

How is public schooling better than homeschooling?

It isn't, truly. It all depends on the child to be taught and the teacher(s) at hand as to which is better suited for them (the child).

Are privatised schools better?

They're usually safer than public schools but they're not necessarily better.

Why is homeschool better than public school?

I am homeschooled and I have answered a few questions just like the one that you've asked. Homeschooling is not nessisarily better, but it is easier to concintrate on the work at hand. Our teacher is our mom. She helps us when we are stumped. Homeschooling is fun, but I wouldn't call it better.

Public schools are better than homeschool?


Are public schools better than home schools?

Public schools have more students and teachers to help your education. Home schools are good also, and they provide you online tutoring.

Do Catholic schools get a better eduvcation then public schools?

yes they do sometimes, Atherton high school in louisville is a public school and they are way better than St X or trinity