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It can be, it really depends on which curriculum you use. If you are doing internet school, it is harder. I think the level of difficulty of homeschooling depends on who you are and how motivated you are. A very good math curriculum is called "Saxon Math".

There really is no correct answer to that, as it just depends on what curriculum you use, if you use one.

Meaning no offense in saying this, but I think that public schools' approach to learning is very ineffective. They are loading kids down with homework, and it's getting them no where. I am a homeschooled kid myself, and cannot stand to be around public schooled kids my age because they are just so stupid (compared to me anyway). The way public schools are approaching learning is what I would call "the memorizing method". They drill facts and theories and equations into kids' heads until they memorize it. This is a HORRIBLE way to learn. Have you ever heard more than 10 kids say that they LOVE learning at school? No, not school, LEARNING at school. You can easily say "Hahaha! Who would say that anyway?!?!? Everyone dislikes learning! It's just NOT FUN!". Actually, the way we are learning is not fun. When we are little, before we've been taught that we disike learning, we want to get into everything! Touch, feel, taste, listen, smell, EVERYTHING! People are naturally curious and do, indeed, like learning. Learning should be fun, hands-on, and interesting to us.

I won't argue with you that some homeschoolers are idiots. I will also agree that there are some complete genuises who have gone to public school. It just depends on YOU.

I would say that public school is harder, because there is usually a lot more work. But on average, homeschoolers are smarter.

It's not harder than public.

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Q: Is homeschooling harder than public schooling?
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How is public schooling better than homeschooling?

It isn't, truly. It all depends on the child to be taught and the teacher(s) at hand as to which is better suited for them (the child).

Why is homeschooling better than public schooling?

I am home schooled on my computer with a program called CAVA (California Virtual Academies) they have a program with k12 an online homeschooling program. With CAVA you have your own teacher, and you have class sessions too where you can video chat with the teacher and other students. Home schooling is more academically challenging. Thats why its a better option then public school.

Is homeschooling cheaper than normal schooling?

No, its not as you have to buy books, equipment as you go through school life.

Is homeschooling better than pubic schools?

I reckon that public schools are better. Although Home-schooling gives one to one tuition, a public school school also builds up a social background and life. I agree.

Does homeschooling cost more than public school?

depends on the school

How is homeschool different than public school?

Public schooling has a certain criteria upon which they must teach the students. They are taught by professionals that have graduated from University. Homeschooling on the other hand is taught by a family member/friend and the teaching generally poor.

How is public schooling better than home schooling?

Because your not a anti social

What is a good homeschooling program?

Abeka academy has a very good homeschooling program that is focused on edifying the Lord .It is a little bit harder than some other programs but we like it.

What is a good Homeschooling PC Program?

Abeka academy has a very good homeschooling program that is focused on edifying the Lord .It is a little bit harder than some other programs but we like it.

What makes eTAP different than other home schooling programs?

The eTAP program is not really any different to other homeschooling programs. It allows one to enroll their children for homeschooling courses on all parts of the curriculum.

Is home schooling a better option than public schooling?

Home schooling has its pros and cons. You can give your child a better education than some public schools can offer, but you also take away a majority of the life lessons your child would learn in a regular school. For me, homeschooling was ten times better than the regular school system. I got a ten times better education than the public school system (which is a joke), anyone with half a brain can do better than the public education system. I was also protected from the harshness of the school yard which I am immensely grateful for. And all my life lessons where taught from my mother anyway, all school taught me to do was to swear and have sex with random people. My mother also made sure I never missed out on opportunities to socialize with people I liked. I got all the socializing of a regular high-schooler without all the teasing etc. of the normal school yard and a better education to boot. I think homeschooling is a very good idea and I am speaking as one who has gone through both homeschooling and normal school (til grade 10).

Is there help with the cost of homeschooling your child?

Yes- there are some online public schools available for free, varying by state. You may need to get software for this, but it is less expensive than other homeschooling.

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