Is hubbly bubbly dangerous to your health?

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August 09, 2013 1:11PM

I don't think that it can be dangerous to your health & if it was why do they sell it to the kids under the age of 18... it is very addictive but as heard it had no nicotine & tar in it...


The Hookah (Hubbly Bubbly) is MORE DANGEROUS than your average cigarette. Most people believe it is less dangerous than cigarettes because it is filtered through water, but in actual fact, all the water does is make the smoke smoother to inhale. The user of a Hookah inhales more carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemicals because he spends more time smoking the Hookah. The information on the side of the Hookahs tobacco box is the value of nicotine as well as tar BEFORE the tobacco is burned (or heated) whilst the information on the side of a cigarette box is the actual amounts when the cigarette is lit, it is proven that a single drag of the Hookah contains up to 5 times more chemicals and poisons than a single cigarette.

The previous answer on this topic was in fact COMPLETELY incorrect.