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Is hydro locking permanent?


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2005-02-14 01:44:23
2005-02-14 01:44:23

Some further information would have been helpful (such as the conditions under which the condition occurred.) Assuming that the engine has for one reason or another ingested a liquid (water, oil, etc.) and siezed up because it can't compress a liquid, just remove the spark plugs and turn the engine over slowly several times manually. The liquid will be expelled. Reinstall plugs (new ones if the fluid fouled the originals) and the engine should turn freely. If the liquid came from within the engine, the source should obviously be repaired.


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There are several things that could cause a cracked piston. Some of these things include a casting issue, contact with a valve, a bad wrist pin, excessive heat, or it could be hydro-locking.

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