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No,covalent bonds are formed by atoms sharing electrons In an area of common density. However, hydrogen bonds are formed by the intermolecular attractions between positive and negative dipoles. This is caused by the differences in electronegativities between the hydrogen atom and certain other atoms, causing the hydrogen to be slightly positive and the other atom to be slightly negative.

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How many Covalent bond does hydrogen form?

Hydrogen can form only one covalent bond because hydrogen has only one electron.

What type of bond will hydrogen form with carbon?

Hydrogen form a covalent bond with carbon.

Do hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent bond?

That's right, hydrogen and chlorine, which combine to form hydrochloric acid, form a covalent bond.

Is hydrogen a special form of a ionic bond?

Hydrogen is an element, not a bond. It can form bonds, which are usually covalent, but an ionic bond with hydrogen is possible, for example, lithium hydride is an ionic compound. While this, like every compound, does have its own distinctive features, I would not call it a special form of ionic bond.

Types of Bond hydrogen can form?

Hydrogen can form covalent, ionic and hydrogen bonds.

What are the 3 types of covalent bonds that can form between atoms?

ionic bond, covalent bond, covalent-coordinate bond, hydrogen bond

Which two atom forms a covalent bond?

Hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent bond. They together form hydrochloric acid.

What type of bond does hydrogen and bromine form?

Since both hydrogen and bromine are nonmetals, they form a covalent bond.

What type of bond would form with carbon and hydrogen?

Carbon and hydrogen form a covalent bond as they are both nonmetals.

Do hydrogen and oxygen create an ionic bond?

No. They form a covalent bond.

A hydrogen atom does not form more than one covalent bond because it?

Hydrogen can only form one covalent bond because it only has one electron.

Can carbon and hydrogen form an ionic bond yes or no?

No.Because, they form a covalent bond between them.

Would C and H form a covalent bond?

Yes carbon and hydrogen form covalent bonds.

What kind of bond between hydrogen and carbon?

They form covalent bond with each other.

What is hydrogen atom and hydrogen molecule?

Two atoms of hydrogen form a hydrogen molecule.They are bonded with a covalent bond.

Is chlorophyll an ionic or a covalent bond?

Chlorophyll makes a covalent bond, as the elements it is made from, hydrogen, chlorine and carbon, all need what the others have and so they form a covalent bond

What Type of bond can hydrogen atom form?

Hydrogen bonds with hydrogen bond acceptor atoms such as Oxygen. Covalent bonds with nearly anything.

Use covalent bond in a sentence?

When one hydrogen atom and one chlorine atom bond, they form a covalent bond because they are both nonmetals.

What type of bond can a nitrogen atom form?

Ionic bond as in NaN3 Covalent bond as in N2 Covalent coordinate bond as in NH4+ ion Hydrogen bonding as in NH3

Will hydrogen always form an ionic bond or a covalent bond?

Hydrogen will usually form a covalent bond - so that it has a full valence electron level and so does the other thing it is bonding with (if the other thing only needs one more electron to complete its octet) however, in water, the hydrogen will form hydrogen bonds!

What type of bond will form between H and S?

Hydrogen and Sulfur will form a covalent bond, where hydrogen gives one valence electron to sulfur. Hydrogen has an electro negativity of 2.2 and sulfur of 2.6, this will be a covalent bond. Hydrogen sulfide, H2S, has the common name - rotten egg gas.

Is hydrogen chloride polar?

Hydrogen chloride has a polar bond between hydrogen and chlorine. They have different values for electronegativity and form a polar covalent bond.

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