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Is hydroxycut good for you?

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Most of the Hydroxycut products have been recalled after the FDA issued a health warning. The only two Hydroxycut products not affected by this health warning are Hydroxycut Cleanse and Hoodia products. As for the rest, it is better to avoid, even if you are able to get hold of them.

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Is the hydroxycut at walmart the same quality as at GNC?

hydroxycut is hydroxycut no matter where you buy it

Is hydroxycut healthy?

No, Hydroxycut is not healthy. Recently the FDA advised consumers to stop using Hydroxycut as it poses serious health risks.

Can you snort Hydroxycut?


Where was hydroxycut made?

Hydroxycut is manufactured by Iovate Health Services in Canada. It is part of the Muscle Tech division.

What is hidroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement brand. Hydroxycut was originally developed and manufactured by MuscleTech Research in 2003.

Can Hydroxycut be a migraine trigger?

Yes, it's possible for nearly anything, including Hydroxycut, to be a Migraine trigger for a susceptible individual.

What to do if you overdose on hydroxycut?

drink water!!

How old do you have to be to use hydroxycut?


How long does it take for hydroxycut to be out of your system to pass a drug test?

It doesn't matter--Hydroxycut is a legal, over-the-counter product. They don't test for it.

Have you had people complaining of feeling light headed while taking Hydroxycut weight loss formula?

Good question. These diets are NOT healthy.

Where can you buy Hydroxycut?

you can buy it at GNC or YTFS

Can you take vicodin and hydroxycut at the same time?


Does hydroxycut weight loss pill cause eye to twitch?

she was on hydroxycut

Does hydroxycut affect the menstrual cycle?

I've noticed since I started taking Hydroxycut, that my period starts anywhere from 4-8 days early.

Should you stop using hydroxycut you are 40 years old?

No one should take hydroxycut. It is of no proven value and can cause high blood pressure.

Can you take abilify with hydroxycut?

My answer would be no. I tried this and it made me feel really weird. I'm okay but the hydroxycut over powers the abilify and can be worse than if you take one by itself. Plus hydroxycut is a stimulate and abilify is a depressant they really don't mix well together.

What happens if you take hydroxycut and Wellbutrin?

= If you take hydroxycut it's supposed to help you lose weight but studies show it can cause illness, sizers... and even death!!! =

Does hydroxycut hard core make you fail a drug test?

Nope, I take it regularly and have taken multiple urine tests, good to go.

Can you mix hydroxycut and naproxen sodium?

Hydroxycut is an over the counter weight loss medication. Naproxen sodium is an over the counter pain reliever. The two medications should not be taken together because they can cause stomach problems, and the Naproxen may cause the Hydroxycut to not work properly.

How much does hydroxycut cost?

Generally $20 to $30.

Who is the girl in the hydroxycut commercial?

Natasha Cordova

What are Hydroxycut side effects?

it makes you deuce a lot

Can you take Oxycontin with Hydroxycut?

if you want to have a heart attack

Does hydroxycut hard core work?

Yes, many people believe in the power of Hydroxycut Hard Core. However, there are some people who find that the product doesn't work.

How does hydroxycut work?

The supposed secret to Hydroxycut is that it is supposed to give you more energy, which in turns burns more calories. Nearly all weight loss pills on the market do not work.

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