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It is not illegal... but it does cost $1 a song, and roughly $8.99-$13.99 for an album or Imix (favorite songs an iPod user posts on iTunes).

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โˆ™ 2005-09-11 21:57:13
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Q: Is i-Tunes illegal and does it cost money?
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Do the songs on iTunes cost money?

yes it does cost money to get a song for itunes

Does it cost money to put iTunes on your computer?

The Itunes Program is free

Does it cost money when you open iTunes and copy music to it?

No but if you download using lime wire then you can get caught and fined. It is illegal to use lime wire.

Is downloading songs from iTunes illegal?

No, artists get money for the music that you purchase on iTunes. It's perfectly legal.

Does it cost money on itunes to convert it to aac?

No, it does not.

Does it cost money to join iTunes?

The iTunes software is free. You only pay for items you purchase from the iTunes store.

Does it cost money to download iTunes on your PC?

no. bying things from itunes store does however

Does album art on itunes cost money?


Does free apps cost money on itunes?


Does iTunes cost money?

Yes the songs cost either $0.99 or $1.29

Does itunes cost money to download on desktop?

no. all itunes downloads are free on any device, or computer.

Does it cost money to download anything on the Ipod touch?

on itunes it does

Does it cost money to post podcasts on iTunes?

No. Itunes does have to approve your podcast however and you may have production costs for your podcast.

Where you can download a song to your phone?

On itunes but some songs cost money

Does it cost money if you restore your iPod?

No it does not cost to restore the ipod. You can easily restore it using itunes on your computer.

Does it cost money to download Itunes for your iPod touch?

No, downloading iTunes on your iPod is completely free. However, the songs, videos, and other things that you download from iTunes are not free.

Does it cost anything to get an iTunes?

No, but it costs money to buy songs. Get the software from

If you used you iPod on someoneelses iTunes and got songs off there iTunes what do you do as your iTunes wont let you put songs on your iTunes?

there are many programs which let you transfer from ipod to itunes. all the ones i have seen cost money

Does deportation cost money for the government?

The deportation of an illegal immigrant does cost the government money. The cost is incurred by every level of government. The federal government has the largest burden of cost.

Does it cost money to buy music from iTunes?

To buy something is to exchange a payment for the item. The iTunes store, in common with almost all other stores, only takes money as a payment for the music you buy from them.

How do you put money on your iTunes account?

How do you put money on your itunes account.

Are the facebook apps free?

The only place i know to get apps for the ipod is iTunes and that cost's money

Does iTunes 8.0 cost anything?

No it doesnt cost anything to download the program. it only costs money to buy the songs online.

How much money is it to put a song up on ITunes for 3 months?

My name is ShamzHacking and the way to put a song on itunes is to employ me to hack itunes for you! it will cost you 20 000 for the ability i can bring to the table! :)

How to let games that cost money to be free In the app store apple?

There is no way to get games that cost money free in the iTunes app store on Apple devices. From time to time, Apple does have free games that have cost money before.

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