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They are the same thing cubes & blocks


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The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

Heat flows from the water to the ice cubes. :) :) :)

Ice cubes cause extra fizz in a Coke because of the temperature. The ice is much colder than the soda, so it fizzes when it is put into it.

I Know Snow is colder than Ice butt Ice Water is much colder than ice

Not necessarily. They could be and they could not be, depends on how much the ice has been cooled. However, the ice cubes will cool their surrounding much faster than a block of ice (thus maybe giving the "feeling" that they are colder) owing to the fact that they have a larger Surface Area.

No, water is more dense than ice cubes. That's why ice cubes always float.

I would say the glass of coke (served with ice-cubes in it) is colder than the can. The melting ice-cubes in the glass of coke hold it at constant freezing/melting temperature (32F), the can of coke comes out of the refrigerator at the same temperature as the refrigerator (~35F) and warms from there.

No, it is not. Ice cream is colder than snow.

Commercial Ice Supplies are products that freeze water and change it into ice cubes. The products often have many settings and can maker larger ice blocks, crushed ice, and ice cubes.

There is nothing special about alcohol -- anything that is in contact with ice that is warmer than 0 °C will melt ice cubes (as long as the mass of warm object is comparable to the mass of the ice -- obviously a cup of warm water won't melt the ice on an entire lake for instance).When two objects of different temperatures are put in contact (as when you put ice cubes in a drink), the warmer one will always transfer heat to the cooler one. If the warmer one transfers enough heat to melt the ice cubes, then they melt! If not, they might just partially melt.It's actually possible to add ice cubes to alcohol and not have them melt at all! The freezing point of alcohol is well below 0 °C, and so you can have liquid alcohol be much colder than frozen ice cubes. If you add an ice cube to alcohol that is colder than the ice cube, the ice cube will be cooled by the alcohol!

Nothing. Ice cubes are ice in cube form. There are other forms of ice, including meteorological (sleet, hail, road ice, and icicles) and manufactured ice that is in blocks, crushed, shaved, or powdered.

First thing that will happen is the water will rise depending on the amount of ice cubes put in. As the water gets colder, the ice cubes will start to melt turning into water.

Liquid nitrogen is much, much colder than ice cubes. Not only will it not melt them, they will boil it, at least until they cool down below 79K. Liquid nitrogen can also freeze water vapor out of the air to form ice.

Ice cream is not colder than freezing water.

Dry ice is typically colder than regular ice. Of course, regular ice submerged in liquid nitrogen would become colder than typical dry ice.

Ice cubes are less dense than water.

To help keep the drink cold or to make it colder.

Because ice cubes are less dense than water.

The ice will start to melt but the water will start tp get colder

Over time, the ice cubes will melt and become one with the water, which will be slightly colder. Also, the water will not overflow.

the reson why water becomes cooler when ice is put in it is, ice is colder than water, so, if it was to be put in a drink, the ice would melt and the drink would become cooler.

place ice cubes in water or air at a warmer temperature than 32 Deg.F. place ice cubes in water or air at a warmer temperature than 32 Deg.F.

of course a freezer is colder than a bowl of ice because the freezer made the ice and there are lots of frozen stuff in there.

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