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No. Impetigo is usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus, gram positive cocci.

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Is Clostridium gram negative or gram positive?

Gram positive rods

Is Enterobacter aerogenes gram positive or negative?

the previous answer of gram positive rods is incorrect the correct answer is gram negative rods

Is botulism gram positive or gram negative?

Spore forming, gram positive rods

What is the difference between gram-positive cocci and gram-negative rods?

They shape different. Gram positive cocci shapes different from gram negative rods.

What is the gram stain for clostridium perfringens?

Gram positive spore forming rods

What are the colony characteristics and Gram staining of bacillus circulans?

Gram Positive Rods

Does Gram Positive Rods Cocci Kill you?

yes it does

How do you differentiate gram positive cocci from gram pos rods?

Look at them under a microscope! If they are cocci, they will look like balls. If they are rods, they will look like...rods!

Are gram positive rods mostly non pathogenic?


What is Gram positive rod cocci?

Gram positive organisms are either rods or cocci. Rods, or bacilli, include Bacillus anthracis, which causes anthrax, while cocci include Staphylococcus aureus.

How do you grow gram positive rods on a media without the presence of gram negatives?

sub it to anaerobic cna.

What organism is responsible for gram positive rods in unheated hot dog?


What is the Bacillus genus?

The Bacillus genera are Gram positive rods. They are spore forming, facultatively anaerobic and are catalase positive.

What ia the Streptomyces sp gram stain and shape?

Gram Positive Rods (Filamentous is the exact term for the type of rod)

Indole positive gram negative bacteria rods?

e coli proteus mirabilis

Are conidiospores found on gram positive cocci and rods?

No, they are not. Conidium are fungi, they grow separately from baccili.

Suppose you are viewing a Gram stained field of red rods and purple cocci through the microscope What do you conclude?

The rods will be gram negative, the cocci are gram positive: most likely, the slide was made from a mixed culture of bacteria, or the culture was contaminated.

What is the gram stain for impetigo?

A gram stain is a way of staining cells to determine what category the bacteria falls into (gram positive or gram negative). This is a very important test used to determine what type of bacteria is causing the problem. Gram positive bacteria are types such as Staphylococcus (Staph infections) and Streptococcus (Strep). Gram negative organisms are ones such as Escherichia Coli (E.Coli) and Salmonella. They have defining characteristics that can help the doctor pin point which bacteria is causing the infection, thus being able to give you the proper antibiotic that will take care of the infection. Impetigo is caused by Staph and Strep infections making it a Gram Positive Bacteria.

Is bacillus a parasite?

It is a bacteria. Seen as large, Gram positive rods under microscopy. Releases spores.

Example of anaerobic Gram positive bacillus?

Actinomyces sp. Filamentous gram positive obligate anaerobic rods cause actinomycosis. The most common species is A. israeli.Bifidobacterium are bone shaped gram positive obligate anaerobic opportunistic pathogens which are normal inhabitants of the gut.Clostridium sp.

What clostridia is an anaerobic square-ended gram-positive rods with sub-terminal endospores?


What is the conclusion of a gram-stain field of red rods and purple cocci through a microscope?

This is a Gram Stain. If the technique was proper, the red rods are Gram-negative and the purple cocci are Gram-positive. This staining technique is used to help identify various bacteria. The Gram-positive bacteria that are purple hold the stain due to it's layered cell membrane. It contains a peptidoglycan layer that acts as a lattice trapping the crystal violet-Iodine dye complex.

S.aureus is gram positive or gram negative?

gram positive..

Is bacilli gram negative or gram positive?

gram positive

Is bacillus gram positive or gram negative?

gram positive

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