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Is increased heart rate common in pregnancy?

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August 20, 2009 6:23PM

Changes in your circulatory system gradually occur after you conceive. The change is to fulfill the requirements of extra blood in your body to nourish your baby. The blood during pregnancy circulates through placenta to ensure the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus in your body. The cardiac output of your heart increases by 30-40 percent and your blood pressure decline slightly as more of your blood is aimed at the uterus, kidneys and skin.

What is the Normal Heart Rate During Pregnancy?

The heart rate during pregnancy is a little higher than the normal heart rate. As during pregnancy there is a requirement for inhaling more oxygen due to fetal development, the heart rates shoots up. In general, the heart rate of a women is 70 beats per minute but during pregnancy the heart rate goes around 85-90 beats per minute. Incase yours is a twin pregnancy case or it is your second pregnancy, the blood flow to your heart will be even more, thus leading to a much faster heart rate. In the last trimester of your pregnancy, there is a chance of an increase of 10-20 beats in your heart rate. All above information found at: