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Is influenza viral or bacterial?

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Viral, influenza is a series of viral infections which affect the respiratory of our body.

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Is the flu bacterial?

yes last time i checked i read all viruses and flu's were bacterial! No, influenza is viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics.

Is the flu caused by a bacterial or viral infection?

Influenza, or flu, is caused by a viral infection. That's one reason why antibiotics don't help when you have the flu.

Is influenza viral?

Yes, influenza is a virus.

Is influenza a viral infection?

Yes, influenza is a virus.

Is Anthrax disease bacterial or viral?

there are variations of anthrax that are viral and bacterial most anthrax is bacterial

Is Pneumonia viral or bacterial?

There are both viral and bacterial forms of pneumonia.

Is it viral or bacterial pneumonia associated with Swine Flu?

Swine flu is, like all strains of influenza and the common cold, viral. The main treatment for swine flu is the antiviral drug Tamiflu.

Is polio viral or bacterial?


Is crabs bacterial or viral?

it is viral

Is the flu a bacterial or viral?


Influenza is what one localized infection or bacterial infection or systemic infection?

Influenza, is a bacterial infection.

Is tuberculosis a bacterial or viral disease?

viral diseas really that is wrong it is bacterial

Is botulism bacterial or viral?


Is shingles viral or bacterial?


Is salmonella viral or bacterial?


Is malaria viral or bacterial?

bacterial bacterialYes, measles is caused by a Paramyxovirus.Yes Measles is a viral disease

Which is worst viral or bacterial pneumonia?

Between viral and bacterial pneumonia bacterial is the worst. Viral pneumonia usually gets better on its own while bacterial pneumonia needs to be treated with antibiotics and sometimes hospitalization.

Are tuberculosis rabies and chickenpox bacterial or viral?

Chickenpox and rabies are viral, and tuberculosis is bacterial.

Is rabies viral or bacterial?

Rabies is viral.

Is influenza a bacteria?

Influenza is a viral infection - it is caused by a virus, not a bacterium.

Was the black plague viral or bacterial?


Is tuberculosis viral or bacterial?

It is a bacterial infection

Is Cholera viral or bacterial?

Cholera is Bacterial.

Is typhus bacterial or viral?

Typhus is bacterial

Is bronchitis a symptom of Swine Flu?

It might be, but usually the congestion and coughing are caused first by the influenza viral infection. Bronchitis usually is a separate infection and can be viral or bacterial (most often bacterial). It is more often a secondary condition caused by the flu rather than a sign of the flu.

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