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information technology boon or ban

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Q: Is information technology boon or ban?
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Is Science technology is boon or ban?

Definitely science technology is a boon!

How any one can say Advance technology is boon or ban?

i want answer of advance technology is boon or curse?

Information technology a boon or bane?

bane of information technology

Is machines boon or ban?


Is science boon or ban in Tamil?


Science-a boon or a ban?

What are the latest in information technology?

Artificial Intelligence is the latest boon in market. It is the technology which is at it's peek.

Is information technology a boon or a bane to mankind?

it is aboon and a bane, but i dont know how it is

Is modern technology a bane or boon?


Internet is boon or ban for students give three reasons?

male and female both exists. likewise anything has both boon and ban

Science a boon or bane?

science is absolutely a boon , if it is taken in a wrong way then it is a ban....

Technology is a boon?

Technology is definitely a boon since it offers many examples for the common man.

Is science a boon or bane?

technology is bane to me but to the world is boon

Science and technology a boon for humankindscience and technology a boon for humankind?

If technology allows spell checking of posted questions and science is the find of fact then Yes.

Debate on -Nuclear energy boon or a ban?

As far as I know there is no question of a ban. If nuclear is not used then coal will have to be increased.

Is information technology a boon or a curse?

IT has many positive factors and it also have many negative factors so i think it is neutral

Technology a boon or bain?

if we use it in a useful way it is boon. but if we use it in useless way it is a bain

Is modernity boon or bane?

mordern technology is both boon and bane .it depents upon the user

Is science and technology a boon or curse for mass media?

it can be both a boon and a curse,it depends on how we use it.

Why technology is boon?

because boom boom boom

Is mordern technology is boon or bane for youth?

it is a boon because it has facilitated us and is helpful in tough projects

Is cloning boon or ban?

Both, depending on exactly what kind of cloning you're referring to.

Internet boon or curse?

Definately a Curse! I see more people doing wrong with the technology than people using it for information as they should be!

Why is technology boon?

because to make comportable and easy our life

What is the Development of science and technology to society?

is science and technology a boon or a curse for development of mass media

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