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some insurance companies have what they call a grace period to get your bill paid usually 10 days or so but it depends on the company.

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How do i resolve a failure to provide insurance ticket if I had insurance at the time but didn't have the proof in the car?

Go to court with proof of insurance stating it was in effect on the date of the violation.

If the approving official doesn't date stamp the paper copy of the billing statement the accounting paying office will use the billing statement date as the assumed date of receipt for purposes of?


How do you notify a change of billing date?

You should notify customers about a change in the billing date as soon as possible. The earlier you notify a customer, the easier they will be able to adjust.

Can an insurance company charge you after the expiration date?

Yes they can still charge you if there is unpaid premium due from before the expire date of your policy.

What is an example of a use for a database program?

maintain the records of the customers of insurance companies. Fields of related information might include name, contact information, type and amount of insurance carried, date of last contact, benefit information, and billing information.

When is payment for your IBA travel charge card billing statement due?

Payment for your IBA travel charge card billing statement is due by the date indicated on the billing statement.

When you renew your car insurance fail to renew it cancel it the insurance company must notify?

In every state I am aware of, the insurance company sends you an offer to renew and a bill. If you don't pay it there is not a cancellation that is required to be sent out after that. Most companies send you more than one billing but they are not required to and you cannot blame the insurance company for this error. The renewal is the only time that you do no have a period of time after the payment due date. The renewal is also the only period that the company is not required to send you a cancellation notice with a cancel date on it because the renewal date is your cancellation date.

Is Family Life Insurance Company of Seattle Washington still in existence?

No, it is not as of the date of this message a autonomous entity.

What is onset date in medical billing?

On-Set date is initial injury date. I.e. the primary diagnosis is used in the previous visit date Bala

What is a condo insurance expiration date?

Your insurance policy clearly states its date of expiry.

When a car owner dies does the auto insurance remain in effect until the expiration date and will it cover co-owners who drive the car?

You should speak with your insurance - things will be switched over.

What is the worlds leading company for medical billing software?

"The Quality health care offered by an organization always depends on accurate and complete medical billing. CapMinds is one among the top medical billing service provider in US.They offer complete medical billing services including,Claim SubmissionDenial ManagementAR follow upPayment postingPatient BillingInsurance Verification and more.They always remain up to date with their software, trained professionals as new regulations emerge. So partnering with CapMinds will definitely reduce your billing burdens.

Is there a list of insurances with timely filing limit details?

Filing Limit Claims must be submitted within 90 days from the date service is provided.^^^^^ That is INCORRECT! I'm a medical billing manager and you have to check with EACH insurance company as they all have different filing limits.Yes Friends,It differs from insurance to insurance.

Can you cancel health insurance with pending claims?

I'm not an authority on health insurance. But would think the same would apply (but please check), that if your policy were in effect on the 'date of loss' then coverage would apply.

If you got your insurance three and a half weeks ago and you got caught in a tornado and an oak tree fell on your car and totaled it Will your insurance cover it?

If you have comprehensive coverage in effect on the date of loss, it should be covered.(I'm an auto rep for an insurance company.)

If an MIP is erased from your record can your insurance still go up?

Depends when the violation was removed. If your insurance renewal date occured before the MIP erasure, yes, the rate could increase.

What does due date means on credit card?

Due date on your credit card billing is the date that you should pay your balances in order not to have extra charges or fees.

How do you pay your house insurance online?

Online billing and payments is available at no additional cost and lets you:View current and historical billing informationPay your current bill today or schedule a payment for a future dateReceive e-mail notification when a new insurance bill is producedReceive email confirmation when payments are submittedElect to stop paper bills for your optional State Farm Payment Plan (SFPP) account, this may reduce your service charge.

What is ITD in insurance?

Incurred To Date.

How do you collect on an old life insurance policy from the Baltimore Life Insurance company?

I found an old policy, how do I know if it is still valid or if it was cancelled. The policy date is June 1, 1961, Maturity date June 1, 2021. Thank you. Diane Rolandelli

What happens to the life ins policy upon retirement. The birth date needs to be corrected. Policy holder is Village of Deerfield.?

On maturity, you are to surrender the origial policy bond to the insurance company for payment. If you still away from your maturity date, you can apply for correction of birth date with agree proof before the insurance company.

Can you get auto insurance for a previous year?

When you are obtaining quotes for auto insurance, this insurance provider will give you quotes effective the date you request. The date requested must be either the date of the quote, or a date sometime in the future. If you are requesting for auto insurance for a previous year, chances are you are trying to get proof of insurance for a period of time you did not actually have insurance. Insurers will not do this as it will put their company at risk for paying claims they should not be covering. Even if you are willing to pay backdated premiums, no insurance company will backdate a policy because it is both illegal and risky for them.

Is there a legal time limit for billing of medical bills?

The time limit for the submission of medical claims is set by the contract between the insurance company and the medical service provider. In my state, most insurance companies will deny a claim that is submitted more than 90 days after the date of service unless the service provider can provide a reason for the late submission. Medicare will consider a claim if it is submitted within one year from the date of service.

What is retroactive insurance?

A date that a claim can be made.

Have you ever heard of a company called Perpetual Insurance?

Perpetual insurance is not a company, but a form of homeowner's insurance, which has no date of expiration.